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Computers Rebooting on their own

By aszygowski ·
Hi. I'm running NT 4.0 server and NT and 98 workstations.Sometimes some of my computers are rebooting on their own, without any paticular reason.Could someone tell me the reasons why it could happen or tell me what to look for in order to eliminate all the possibilities.Thanks.

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Not if its good hardware

by jheal In reply to Check Network card for wa ...

If you use reputable wake on LAN hardware, you will not have any random WOL events. The WOL string is the MAC add. repeated 16 times within one packet... Not going to happen by accident. With that said, disconnecting the WOL cable will work in cases where the power supply is not up to par, in systems that are PCI 2.0 or lower complient. In systems that are PCI 2.01 or better the WOL cable is not nessessary, and disconnecting it will make no diffence, the power is delivered via the PCI bus.
My expirence has been (I am Technical Supervisor for a system builder) that first you must be rid of any systems that use the 820 chipset with SDRAM, this chipset has a memory translation hub that converts the RDRAM design to a SDRAM design, and it turns out that its faulty. (I have had to change 200+ mainboards thanks to this). This fault will cause random reboots, and lock-ups. Next ensure that your power supplies are good. Then check RAM. The newest chipsets (810, 815, etc.) seem to be more sensitive to memory fualts, and tend to reboot if the RAM in it is not timed properly. RAM that worked perfectly well on a BX chipset may not work well on a 810, 815 based mainboard. If you did not build these systems yourself, you should have support from the manufacturer.

Hope this helps,

James M. Heal
Technical Supervisor - Bole Distributing Inc.
Intel Certified Integration Specialist - Networking

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Computers Rebooting on thier own,

by crosbywa In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

Just in my past experaince as a tech, ive found that computers that reboot on thier own for no reason Either have a virus, Or the Power supply is going bad, in small cases it was the outlit that the computer was plugged into.

So try these series of test

1. Try a diffent power outlit for these computers.
2. virus scan
3. if Able to swap out the power supply so you can atlest test these,

W. A. Crosby

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I've had the same problem

by toms In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

There are a lot of very good possible solutions posted, however most of them would seem to fit only 1 or 2 units doing this. My bet would be what happened in my shop, "surge protectors!". Those wonderful APC power strips were causing unexpected reboots on several machines after being in place for over 6 months. After a little research I found this to be a common but tough to find problem with non-battery back-up type surge protectors. Change out the strips on a suspect machine and see if that helps. It's a fairly cheap shotgun solution.
Good luck.....TomS

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Computers Rebooting Reply

by alnine In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

How long have the computers been on. If it's been on for awile like say 3 hours our so. It may be do to a heat problem. CPU's that heat up tend to reboot themselves. Check to see if the fans are working inside the computer. Also check to see if any addon cards are overheating.This also could cause a system to reboot.

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Got a Win95 PC that Explorer reboots

by WireGuy In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

There's a Dell Windows 95 PC (OSR2) down the hall that reboots everytime you use Windows Explorer and access a network drive. You can access the network through "My Computer" or the command line with no problem, but do it in Explorer and it's like someone hits the reset button -- no blue-screen of death -- it just reboots. I'm tempted to reinstall Windows.

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PC's on a network or remote printing?

by rburnett In reply to Computers Rebooting on th ...

I have this seen this problem several times.
It was casued by crossed/damaged wiring in the network or serial cable. System will boot then right before the desktop appears PC will reboot repeating the same over and over. Unplug from network or unplug serial cable then boot. If it boots fine, problem is within cable connections not PC. Return response is garbled and resets Windows.


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