Computers Repair business from Home?

By sanwardak ·
I am thinking to start a computer repair and Web design business from home. I need your opinions regarding putting my business address on my business card? Is it good idea to put my home address on my business card or not? I don't fell to because I live on 10th floor in a building and it is rental. On the other hand if I don't put my address on the card, my customers will not fell comfortable doing business with me as they might think this guy is not professional. Working on Webdesign from home is good as I am planning to visit businesses in person and taking their order home, but when it come to computer repair it is hard if some people want to bring it to me it will be cheap for them, but if I come to them it will cost them more. How you guys handle this who are working from home? Thanks in advance for your input!!

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Home based field service

by mjd420nova In reply to Computers Repair business ...

I nurtured my clients over twenty years ago. While employed by a major service vendor, I was asked if I could service the clients home systems, outside the support of my employer. At the time I was not allowed to do this and in '94 when I left them, the clients swamped me with their needs and I had no choice but to accept their offers. I do not allow my clients to bring their units to my home, mostly because it is much too far for them to travel. I do not charge any extra for me picking up their units and servicing them in my home workshop. I have built up a large customer base as I service anything they have, printers, scanners, modems and the usual laptops and desktops. Being a senior citizen myself, I do allow for some reduced rates for those on fixed incomes and this has served to drive more business my way. I do use a P.O. box for billing and such but my home address is on my business cards and my clients are aware that I do work at home. With a good client base and if you do good work, the lack of a commerical business address should not matter.

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Home Based Computer Repairs question

by Izzyrob2 In reply to Computers Repair business ...

I have a question to pose on the Home based Computer Business. Are you required to buy some type of insurance. To cover yourself in case a customer does try to say you destroyed their computer or lost all of their files, when they really were already lost??

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A few things about a home based business....

by 88Fan In reply to Computers Repair business ...

In some states you may be required to carry business insurance, though I would strongly recommend that you do even if not required. I personally carry a business liability policy that I have no intention of getting rid of even though I've never had a claim the 28 years I've been self-employed. In some cases you may be able to get a discounted rate if you buy your business insurance from the same company you get your home/auto/renters policy from.

Another thing for all to consider, Washington State requires a Master Business License for every business type and in some cases requires a specialty license; most states will be the same. Here we also have City licenses, and are required to have annual Fire Safety Inspections of our office (even home offices).

If you want to be able to write off your home office expense at tax time, your best bet is to have a dedicated space with a separate entrance.

Another big thing to check before you open up a home office is whether the zoning where you live allows for commercial use along with the residential use, some areas don't allow this.

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home addresses on business cards. not a good idea.

by Rogerlen In reply to Computers Repair business ...

Generally if you have an established business address someone can just stop by and drop off a pc then sure ... but from home, i do not add my address on my business card. i do put my city license on it. (since in california one is required by law to have a business license ( re-sellers permit) to do business from home. and if people are dropping off pc`s covered insurance. i make it a policy during certain hours only to do any pickups... i do not do work at their house, with the exception of instruction. , but rarely have i seen a business card with an address of an at home business.. and it is not safe..

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