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Hi My Name Is Tim Vandevoorde I Own My Own Computer And Curently Have Broadband Dsl
And I Used To Have Dialup Yuck I'm GlaD tO bE Rid Of That I Like Dsl A Lot Better It's So Much Faster My Nephew Matt Vandevoorde Opened Up My Pc At The End Of March And Put In 2 2 Gigabyte Ram Sticks For Extra Memory Now I Have 5 Gigs Of Memory nd My Pc Is Superfast now I Also Have Email And A Cool Email Address I Work At Elgin Training Center On Bowes Road We Do Collating Packaging And Variuos Other Jobs There

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History lesson

by santeewelding In reply to Blame Santee

1940s, American radio show, "Our Miss Brooks" (voice of Eve Arden).

Mr. "Osgood Conklin" was principal of a high school in which Miss Brooks was the English teacher.

One day students were listening to a shortwave radio broadcast about an impending typhoon in India. Conklin overheard some of it. Of course, the writers of the show had Conklin reacting as though the typhoon were headed straight for the high school.

Amid all his mad dashing about with preparations recommended in the broadcast, there came the grave intonation:

"Tether your elephants."

This was radio. You had to imagine for yourself Conklin's facial expression which, in today's parlance, would be something like, WTF?

Nexus: think twice next time you go telling someone what may happen to their pets.

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the obliquity (love that word) of it

by bergenfx In reply to History lesson

Like a line drive coming out of the bleachers. Perfect. And the timing ...

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A neat story

by NexS In reply to History lesson

And amusing. Though I had understood the meaning before your lesson.

I care very little for your threats, they are less interesting, and far less thought provoking than your anecdotes.

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Since it's you, Nexus

by santeewelding In reply to History lesson

I will confide just between you and me that my anecdotal is feint. It is only for you to blink.

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by NexS In reply to History lesson

But you're missing a comma.

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I don't know how

by santeewelding In reply to History lesson

To compute pi to the last digit.


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NA that T Shirt that the female is wearing

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to History lesson

Has bumps in it and I can't read the numbers.

It's no good for a geek.


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Oh, bergenfx.

by seanferd In reply to History lesson

You nailed it with that metaphor. It's a name painting for part of the santee<i>Gestalt</i> I get over the internets. You seem to have gotten that angle, too.

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OH I like blaming Santee

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Blame Santee

I don't need an excuse at all.

But if this helps those new Effulant Hobbles that you bought must have been faulty and broke allowing the Elephants to stampede.

I told you previously that Welded Steel Hobbles bought in Santee where defiantly not the answer. Elephants are much stronger than that. :0

edited to add doing this is far more fun than applying Bumps.

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