comuter powers up for 1 sec then restarts over and over again

By theprideroc ·
my computer powers up for 1 sec then shuts off its using a intel dg41cn mother board i diconnected and removed all hdwr except cpu and it will run steady and post a 3 beep bio i then installed the grafix card agian a 3 beep bio. so i placed one card of ram in and again it shuts down 1 sec after powering on

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Thermal paste no good

by krama In reply to comuter powers up for 1 s ...

overheating cpu closes the system down then restarts when the temperature drops,
the thermal paste no longer doing its job between cpu and heatsink. Clean surfaces and apply new thermal paste. Have done this on numerous laptops

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RAM is faulty.......

by kumarsinghsanjeev In reply to comuter powers up for 1 s ...

I had this issue and every time, need to change RAM...try replacing your RAM..

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Reinstall everything.

by mballai In reply to comuter powers up for 1 s ...

I had my computer go into an endless reboot cycle after the last Patch Tuesday. Wound up reinstalling the entire OS and software. Royal pain, but I learned a lot and did some hardware upgrades. Runs great now!

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Any other tells?

by CMBaylis In reply to comuter powers up for 1 s ...

I had something similar, which may or may not be the same for you - you already have a plethora of options to chose from it seems!

My issue started out with intermittent blue screens (after a recent windows XP patch) - these became more frequent until suddenly it started doing the start-up reboot special.

Safe booting and switching off almost all services helped a few times, but then even safe boot failed to work.

After lots of chasing and questions, I identified the my hard drive had been corrupted (I tried to slave the hard drive into another PC of the same spec, but couldn't access the drive at all).

Ended up buying a new PC - trying to image the disk now for recovery - needless to say I have invested in an on-line back-up tool now - also switched off the windows auto-update until I know the patches are safe! :0)

I would suggest:
1. Confirm PSU power rating is sufficient for any hardware or component upgrades you have made
2. Test clean RAM (and test your RAM on another PC if possible)
3. Check for Paste issues (should be visible under a good light and poking around
4. Test hard drive by slave or safeboot and detailed disk-checking
5. Look at a profession repair or purchase (unless still in warranty).

HTH - good luck

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Is this a new computer you've assembled, or an old one already in use?

by dave In reply to comuter powers up for 1 s ...

Good job troubleshooting using divide and conquer to find the defective area. The 3 beeps for Intel BIOS is for a memory error which you can expect with no RAM installed. Did you have another memory stick to troubleshoot further? Make sure you have the right memory chip. That board supports DDR2 800/667 MHz DIMMs.

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