Concerning Serverside Include in ASP

By jdardard ·
For some unknown reason, (ASP)serverside include will not find graphics or images even though the file is in the same location as the site. All is fine when I only have text in the files, but for images or graphics, I only get a question mark (?)where the image or graphic should be. The file(s) in question are in a folder of the same site, so there's no need to search distant files. I get the same results whether I use "file" or "virtual." Occasionally, I will get a page full of different characters for pictures and/or graphics instead of the question mark. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much,

Joe Dardard

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Good week after all..

by jdardard In reply to YW and good luck!

You're absolutely right, Tobi. It doesn't take much to beat notepad. I guess it provided a starting point, but beyond that, it has remained static for its entire existence. I've got my original problem, thanks to you and Brian. Wish I could buy each of you a "big orange," but unfortunately, that service isn't available (yet) on the internet. But I'm still very grateful for each of your help.

Joe Dardard

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by TobiF In reply to Good week after all..

Notepad had one big leap in its history.

There was a time, when it couldn't handle too big files. I think the limit was 64 kb.

No need for oranges. Your "Thanks" is enough.
If you really want to bolster my ego, then you can mark a helpful entry as "helpful", thus showing a thumbs up and maybe helping some other netizens navigate this site. :)
Although I have a feeling that the threads with many thumbs tend to be rather off-topic :)

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