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Concrete vs. Abstract Mind

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I work for a small, not-for-profit that is engaged in helping to heal war trauma in my community. We're funded by a variety of religious and private organizations and foundations, as well as a variety of local, state, federal, and international governmental bodies.

The therapeutic work that we do requires strong abstract minds in order to be successful. We have them in abundance.

The accountability our various funders expect of us requires strong concrete minds in order to provide the level of detailed reporting they seek. There are but two of us.

We have serious internal communication issues on both sides.

I'm curious as to how you folks deal with this kind of communications issue in your organization. And looking for anything we can implement to help ourselves improve our internal communications.

Thanks much.

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Heart, Heads and Alchemy

by covisions In reply to Concrete vs. Abstract Min ...

Sadly personality type often dictates that preference is the right way. The truth is that the head is not much use without a heart and the hands done work too well as well. Bot ned underlying spirit. My advice understand that rationalism is in reality alchemy and the beasts need soothing so that those with compassion can get on with doing what you clearly and importantly do in the world...healing the results of such stupid battles.

Neville Coventry

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