Connected to Internet but Taskbar Icon Shows "No Connection" Icon

By teaisgood04 ·
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The problem is that the network icon in the taskbar is showing a globe with a no signal icon, meaning that it is not detecting that there is, in fact, internet. I am 100% able to use the internet on this computer, but for some reason, the computer is unable to detect that it has internet.

I have been dealing with this since January and I still have not found a solution. I have a new desktop that I use for gaming and college. I got all the parts in December and made it. There was no internet problem until January.

I have reinstalled my network drivers, tried troubleshooting (it would recommend a network reset which I have done multiple times), tried wired and wireless connection, moving my computer, creating a new user, reinstalling windows, and I using commands with command prompt.

I am using windows 10 education (because it was free from my college store). I am using a wired connection, and I have tried using a usb wireless adapter.

I have no idea what to do anymore. It isn't bad that this is happening, but I cannot update windows, download Apex Legends launcher, use spotify, or use Word because these applications think I am offline. I am typing this on my computer while playing an online game. I just wish I could actually use spotify, play games that I want to try, and use Word for my college work.

This only affects my computer and no one else's device in the house, and I live with 4 other people. I would appreciate any help, even if it does not work. I am really getting tired of this.

Edit: Clarification of the problem.

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Someone that knows things

by dbl7s In reply to Globe sign problem

You da man or da lady. Worked for me. I have been looking for days. Nothing helped but your post. Than you.

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thanks man

by raviranjanranchi In reply to Globe sign problem

your fix worked for me.. but i changed from 1 to 0, as it was 1 already there.

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No Internet access globe sign

I have the same exact problem with my pc too and tired every suggested solution in the internet and can't fix it. its very annoying! I can only use internet the PC. I use this PC for few months but this never happened before but since few days a go it started and it was coming and going even yesterday sometimes the wifi connected to other devices but says no internet then after restarting n resting entire network using command promote it was working then again failed by it self and today it totally stopped...I am so tired and pissed off. I am thinking of formatting the pc now, if you get any solution please let me know. thank you!

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this may work

by raviranjanranchi In reply to Connected to Internet but ...

i was also having same issue in my lab desktop, after it was upgraded to windows 10 from 8.1. For me issue was - i was able to brows internet using browsers but, windows stores, settings use to show- connect to internet. I searched and found this discussion.
Go to registry editor
Open- enableactiveprobing

Change value data from 0 to 1

************here it was already 1 in my system, i changed it to 0, and restarted it.
it worked**********

try this, hope it might help

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