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connecting 2 pc without a hub

By danny_hw ·
2 pc one win Xp home edition and one win 2000 professional edition, how can I connect the 2 pc together without a hub for file sharing. I was told to connect the 2 pc using an ethernet cable, create a work group, and join the workgroup I wanted to make sure this is the proper procedure

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by warbug In reply to Yes a hub gives yo far mo ...

I personaly have never had a prob with crossover, if someone is going to slam a nail through it or damage the cable during renovations then thats human error, as far as mixing up the cables?...thats what labelings for. I'm stareing at two pcs that ihave linked by nic cards win2000 server and win98...i have two nics in the 2000 machine and one in the 98, i have internet connection sharing enabled on the first card and the two pcs are connected by the second, all 3 nics are identical, file and print shareing work great (not slow), as does the internet. I have had these two pcs this way for about 7 months now and never had a problem, i originaly set them up this way as test machines and have left them ever since. The only reason i bring thisup is i belive the original question was "how to set up two pcs WITHOUT the hub" But as like the rest of you i also belive in the use of hubs,all of my other stuff is connected by hubs/switches they are just to cheap now to leave out of your setup.

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The answer, "a crossover cable" is right

by zzmagwheels In reply to

If one reads the question. No problem with using them if your experienced and no how to wire one up. Not requimended for business applications though. Home use only.
And get real, nic card cost much less than hubs. $4.95 the last time i checked.

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Ah but....

by GuruOfDos In reply to The answer, "a crossover ...

Had the poster posted the 'question' in the Q&A section, he/she might have just received that answer BUT, dear friends, this is the DISCUSSION FORUM.

That means, Gentle Readers (yes I AM an Isaac Asimov fan!), that you ask a simple question and expect to NOT receive a simple answer. Posting a simple Q and A in this area of Techrepublic is FATAL if you just want a question answered.

Firstly, questions SHOULD be posted in Q&A and an appropriate number of Techpoints awarded to Acceptable answers. Secondly, there are many denizens of this dark and murky area who have nothing better to do than share our collective wisdom AND to play 'Devils Advocate' with the weak and feeble, or Lesser Mortals' as they are more accurately described. The likes of Mr Edison, His L33tness Admin and Lucky Col like nothing better than to prey on those posting simple questions and will let no-one escape without elucidation, enlightenment and, perchance, a modicum of entertainment!!

Remember, in the Discussion Forums, we all like children...but a few of us cannot manage a whole one!

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Make your own crossover!

by froogger In reply to connecting 2 pc without a ...

I totally agree w/the others that you should certainly use a hub/switch, but when you're in dire need you could always make your own crossover cable (null-hub cable) for direct ethernet connection.

I have done so on a couple of occasions by cutting a regular one-to-one (or 'straight' cable) and shortwiring threads 1-3 and 2-6. The other two pairs are for ISDN and such so don't bother with them. Just twist those suckers together and use a lot of electrical tape to hold it all together. You probably wont get a full 100Mbit out of it but it works.

Oh, and make sure the NICs aren't completely different :)


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Cheap build

by Oz_Media In reply to Make your own crossover!

Having worked in the telecom and cabling filed for a few years, I saw a lot of really badly built crossover cables.
Buying the correct connectors is cheap, just hit a computer supply store or local Telco/interconnect company.

They'll yard you off as much CAT 5 as needed, and will a) sell you quick connector ends that don't require tools or b) make the cross connect for you for a couple of bucks or a cold beer on a Friday.

Where do you live and how much cable do you need?

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Fellow Citizens...a show of hands please

by GuruOfDos In reply to connecting 2 pc without a ...

Todays Tech Republic Mini-Poll!!!

Just post 'AYE' as the reply title if you would use a 'hubless wonder, and 'NAY' if you wouldn't be seen dead without one between two PC's.

Just all!

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Router anybody?

by read In reply to Fellow Citizens...a show ...

I'd go with the hub. The main advantage for me is ease of expansion and setup (add a new machine to the network simply by plugging it in). Somebody shows up with a laptop - plug them in. If you have two machines now odds are you'll get another one sometime. Turn one of your old machines into a file server, or MP3 server, or whatever. Going with the hub means you've got room for 4. If you go beyond 4 machines you can always:
a) get an 8 port hub
b) get another 4 port hub and connect it to the first (giving you 7 machines)

However, as soon as you throw Internet access into the mix I'd go with a router. The main advantage here is that they typically come with firewall protection to keep nasties out. They're not much more expensive than hubs now ($30+).

If you don't go this route, and you are connected to the 'net then you better seriously think about installing a software based firewall.

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Thanks for that....

by GuruOfDos In reply to Router anybody?

By 'hub' I meant a hub or any other RJ45 interfacing, connectivity thingy know what I mean!

Anything with buffering/partitioning/line conditioning rather than just a cable :-)

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by Oz_Media In reply to Router anybody?

Routers (in my little tiny world) are a thing of the past. With the cost of network switches getting cheaper almoust by the hour, I see no reason to use a router anymore.

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Router shmouter

by curlergirl In reply to Switch

Um - how about to do routing?

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