Connecting to DNS server

By horgeh ·
Hi, I have set up a windows server 2003 as DNS, with AD and as the domain controller. I have run both dcdiag and netdiag and all the tests pass. Whenever I type in the Domain name into a client computer I get the following error: "A domain controller for the domain <zone> could not be contacted. Ensure domain name is typed correctly" Any input would be appreciated!

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No firewalls on eithe host or client

by horgeh In reply to firewall?

I can ping it with the static IP I've assigned to it. I have a router covering the DHCP, I dont know if thats a problem. I have tried other clients as well and same error. Client is running XP pro SP2...server is 2003R2 SE SP2

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also you can try joining a wkgrp 1st (use a way different name than domain)

by sgt_shultz In reply to Connecting to DNS server

then see if you can join the domain. watch for trailing spaces in the domain name. you might also have a look at the event log on both boxes to see if any clues in there.

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Already connected to a workgroup

by horgeh In reply to also you can try joining ...

We have a workgroup in the office already...pretty much a home network. Everything works fine...but it is limited which is why we want a domain system.

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DNS client?

by horgeh In reply to Connecting to DNS server

should the server be running the DNS client service? Can that conflict at all?

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Is the client getting the DNS information?

by Fred123456 In reply to Connecting to DNS server

I may be stating the obvious but you don't mention something. How are you passing out IP's, Static or Dynamic? But either way is the DNS entry entered in to the client their and correct?

Also, what was the state of the server before hand?
Was it something that you promoted to become a Domain Controller?
Was something else the primary domain controller?
I don't think its actually possible to have a PDC without Active DNS configured.

I had a big problem when configuring a DNS server when I turned on DNS after the fact.

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