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connecting to unsecured wireless: is it hijacking?

By Ned Rhinelander (CNET) ·
I came in today to my job at CNet Network's Cambridge office, and had to wait in the lobby for a fire alarm to clear.

I pulled out my laptop and decided to see if there were any available networks...turns out there were 10, 3 or 4 of which were not secured. So, I proceded to IM with my colleage Steven upstairs. Before long Steven asked me "so you don't have any qualms about hijacking a wireless connection?"

When I setup a wireless access point, I consciously assume that if I set it to broadcast the SSID and disable security it's tantamount to offering a public service.

However, Steven's question threw me for a loop, because I think he has a point as one gave me permission to connect to the access point. Just because my computer connects automatically doesn't necessarily make it right.

Any thoughts out there on the legalities or general ettiquitte of this?

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by gralfus In reply to I think people need to ge ...

If the person using the access is not bothering the company/gov't who provided the open link, then they probably don't give a rip that you are on their network. If they do care, then they need to get a real network admin who regularly scans for open portals. Either way, if you aren't messing with their stuff and only going to the internet, then you are probably safe. If they don't know there is on open access point, they probably won't notice your use of it either.

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What's wrong with obeying the speed limit?

by TheChas In reply to I think people need to ge ...


I OFTEN drive in the left lane at or below the posted speed limit.

We have a large number of left lane on and off ramps here.

I have the choice of being a criminal for driving faster than the posted speed, or following the law and making the lawbreakers mad.
Of course, with traffic being as it is, I often end up needing to get into the left lane several miles ahead of my exit since fast traffic will not allow a driver at the speed limit to merge.

The left lane should be for those who wish to travel at the posted speed limit.
The right lane for those who wish to drive slower.

P.S. Yes, I am a reformed speeder. I have trained myself to NOT drive faster than the posted speed limit on nearly every road.

P.P.S. We have a few 2 lane roads around here with speed limits much lower than the average driver wants to follow. I truly love driving just below the posted speed limit with 15 or 20 cars backed up behind me.

My point, if we are a nation of laws, why don't we follow the laws we have?

If everyone choose to follow instead of stretch the laws, we would not have the litigation problems and large corporate legal staffs that we have.


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"Blocking the Flow of Traffic" Law

by maxwell edison In reply to What's wrong with obeying ...

There's a new law in Colorado that will ticket people who block the "normal flow of traffic" while travelling in the left lane, regardless of the speed limit and/or the speed at which that driver is traveling.

And it really doesn't pay:

My "left lane" comment was not intended to apply to left-lane exits. Of course that would require left-lane driving; that goes without saying. It was intended to apply to those who presume to be the "almighty enforcer", forcing those behind them to drive slower than they desire, or forcing them to pass on the right.

The right lane is for driving at or below the speed limit. The left lane is for passing. Personally, I think that people who, on open Interstate highways, drive in the left lane are not only extremely rude, but are extremely dangerous as well.

You may disagree with Colorado's new law and/or the notion that left-lane driving is for passing. But who was behind it? The Colorado State Patrol.

You should really consider being a safer driver instead of the enforcer of how you would like other people to live.

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We have a much more confusing system

by TheChas In reply to "Blocking the Flow of Tra ...

In Michigan, the rule of the left lane is for passing ONLY applies to road with only 2 lanes in each direction.

If there are 3 or more lanes for your side of the road, you can use whichever lane you desire.
Of course, this results in drivers who weave through traffic continuously. It can be very tricky to judge if the driver behind you is going to allow you to change lanes or swoop around you.

In traffic, from a left lane on-ramp, it can be several miles before I have a safe opening to move to the right while driving at a safe speed. Let alone the speed limit.

I don't mind the concept of ticketing drivers who hog the left lane so long as it is coupled with increased enforcement of both the speed limit and the basic speed law.

On the main North South highway here, it is problematic to use the right lane except just before your exit.
The on-ramps are just too short for anything less than a Viper to reach traffic speed before they need to merge.

If you remember the precision driving teams that frequented county fairs in the 60's, the aggressive drivers around here would be bored by the large safety margins those teams used.

Just as I prefer to set up a PC for stable rather than fastest performance, I choose following the law and making safe maneuvers on the road rather then trying to see just how many cars I can pass.


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Road Rage

by TheChas In reply to "Blocking the Flow of Tra ...

I find it interesting that the typical response to road rage is to place more restrictions on law abiding motorists.

By making laws that open up the roads for aggressive drivers all we do is embolden them to be much more aggressive.

If we continue down this path, we will end up limiting responsible drivers to off hour travel only. Just so the aggressive drivers can break as many traffic laws as they desire without being inconvenienced by having to follow a driver who has the nerve to drive in a safe and legal manner.

Instead of attempting to control the dangerous aggressive driver, we take the easy path of placing tighter restrictions on those drivers who responsibly obey the traffic laws.


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I can't believe you're from MI...

by mrafrohead In reply to Road Rage

I compare the jerkoff cellphone talking, latte sipping, SUV driving, 58 in a 60 in the left lane punks where I'm from to the great drivers of MI... It makes me feel better to know that in MI there are people who really know how to drive... But you post what you posted and you're throwing me for a loop...

I'm from Michigan BTW... Hence my thoughts...

Whenever I've been in Michigan all I have observed are a normal flow of traffic. Slower users in the middle and right lanes. Faster drivers in the left lane. When someone comes up behind you going faster, the slower driver gets over to let the faster one by and then continues on their way... I think I only saw maybe two or three exceptions to the rule...

Dude, you sound RUDE...

Did you ever think that it's drivers like you that START road rage??? Consider that for a second.

Think of this, you are playing holier than though and telling ME I can't do what I WANT to do. You aren't my boss. It's my risk to drive fast. It's my cat and mouse game with the cops. You have NO say in the matter.

By you driving slow and holding up 15-20 cars, have you ever considered that doing that creates an unsafe driver that just wants to get around the asshole in the front so they can continue on?

The speed limit where I'm at is 60. I usually go 64-65. But if I see a jerk holding up traffic, I will go 90-130 just to get the chance to cut them off and ruin their day as much as they are ruining mine.

The flow of traffic is one thing, but being that "one person" is unfair to the rest of the world. You want to go slow (exiting and entering are different) get your *** OVER...

It's not about going after aggressive drivers. You are making drivers aggressive by your rude behavior. Start to show a little common courtesy. Do you like being treated like crap? Then why would you do it to others? I'll bet when people do let you in, you don't even wave to say thank you do you? You just expect it as your right...

Else, you may see me cut you off one day and then slam on my brakes and make you follow ME at 35 MPH until I feel like we've gone slow long enough and then I'll stop you and confront you... And if it's not me, it'll be someone else, I think you get the point I'm making here... (more of example).

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D34N skippy its my business!

by BHunsinger In reply to I can't believe you're fr ...

How fast you are going on a road affects everyone on it! It may be you God and the Cops when there's no traffic but every driver has a responisiblity to avoid colloisions. I drive 5 miles over the speed limit to pass trucks in the left lane. Am I being 'rude' to those who want to drive 80 mph? I think its rude when they hover 10 feet behind me.

Oof, that button was the one inserted by the manager of the Driving school I work at part time.

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by mrafrohead In reply to D34N skippy its my busine ...

and when you pass, I'll bet you get right back over again right?

the left lane is NOT to be travelled in. It is a passing lane.

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Where have I heard that before?

by wwwebster In reply to Road Rage

Oh, yeah, now I know...

substitute 'gun owner' for every instance of 'driver' (in your post), and you are parroting what (we) law-abiding, gun owners have been saying for years.

You are correct, of course.

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Nothing's wrong with obeying the speed limit

by maxwell edison In reply to What's wrong with obeying ...

But I'm also a realist, and I know that not all people will obey the speed limit. And if I happened to be in the left lane, and one of them approaches me at a rate of speed higher than what I'm travelling, I'll show a little courtesy, instead of contempt, and move over to let them safely pass.

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