Connecting Wireless DSL with Wired Router

By a.gounder ·
I have Verizon Wireless DSL. I also have a wired linksys router. How do I connect wired router to wireless DSL. I have three computers installed windows xp professional. Please someone help me.

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here is how

by w2ktechman In reply to Connecting Wireless DSL w ...

the cable comes in from the coax, to the cable modem. Then it goes out in a LAN cable, hook that end up to your router.
setup your router per instructions, and connect all of the computers to the router.
If your dsl provider gives you 1 IP to use, give that IP to the router. Also, if you get a username/PW, those should be put into the router as well.
If your router (doubt it) does not have extra LAN ports, then you can purchase a hub (less than $20) to split the connection to all of the systems, or you can get a switch for a little more.

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Wireless DSL Modem

by a.gounder In reply to here is how

My wireless dsl modem doesn't have coax connector. It uses RJ11 phone connector. So, first I have to connect RJ11 connector to wireless dsl modem. Then one end goes to WAN port on the dsl modem and another end goes to WAN port on the wired linksys router. Then all my pc connected through wired routers. Am I right? please help me.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Wireless DSL Modem
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Wireless DSL Modem

by a.gounder In reply to Yup

I set user name and password for my wired linksys router. Wireless DSL Modem has different user name and password. Is there any conflict going to happen?

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I think so

by w2ktechman In reply to Wireless DSL Modem

I do think that it may have a problem unless you are talking about the admin username/PW, in which case this is perfect.

Best to try a connection from a system that is all patched up, does the Internet come up?

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Little Confusion wireless dsl modem

by a.gounder In reply to I think so

My dsl service is not yet ready. I am little confused now. The wireless dsl modem comes with a installation cd. When I install this cd, does my wired router cause any problem. Which one should I turn on first dsl modem or wired router or both at the same time. I also need to find out what's my dsl ip address is. I am confused about which step should I take first.

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You do not need the cd

by w2ktechman In reply to Little Confusion wireless ...

Just take the connection settings that were given to you (username/PW) and enter this info into the router to connect. Then everything connecting to your router should be able to access the Internet just fine (proxy settings may need changing).

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Rough time with Wireless DSL

by a.gounder In reply to Little Confusion wireless ...

I changed password and set to dynamic on my linksys wired router. Then I hooked up wireless dsl modem to wired router. I turned on computer. Since I don't have verizon dsl account setup, I have to use cd to go through account setup wizard. The account setup wizard did not like the wired router. So I removed the wired router from the wireless dsl router and I hooked wireless dsl router directly to the computer. Then the Account setup wizard did not complain. First it tested the dsl connection, then it walked me through to setup username and password. Once the account setup wizard completed, I could able to connect to the internet. Right now, my linksys wired router is sitting on my desk doing nothing. what do I do now. please help me.

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What model

by Dumphrey In reply to Connecting Wireless DSL w ...

of wireless DSL Modem do you have? If it is wireless, it almost certainly has a router component built in. If it does not have more then one LAN port, you may be better off with a wireless Bridge and a switch then a router. When you go into the modem configuration, do you see an option to set up DHCP?

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Westell Versalink

by a.gounder In reply to What model

The wireless router that I got from Verizon is called Westell Versalink ADSL+2. I just found out this one has no uplink port. I see only four ethernet port and one RJ11 port. Right now, Internet is working with one computer. The wired router Linksys is already configured to use dynamic ip addresses.

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