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Consequences of the actions of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group

By Aldanatech ·
After the Sinclair Broadcasting Group (NASDAQ ? SBGI) broadcasted "Stolen Honor", an attack film on John Kerry based on slanted and inaccurate information, in would seem that the SBC is now being affected in ways that they didn?t experience before. In some cities such as Portland, Madison, Springfield, and Minneapolis, local advertisers, including car dealers, furniture makers, supermarkets and restaurants, have taken their commercials off the company's stations.

"I've decided I don't want to advertise on them," said Adam Lee, the president of Lee Auto Malls, which owns 10 auto dealerships in Portland Me., and has ordered its advertising off the CBS affiliate, WGME. "It's a public trust. It seems they're abusing it. If it were a news show and they were really trying to do a fair and balanced story on both sides, that would be a different matter. I don't think they are. That's not their intention."

Groups, including Common Cause, the Alliance for Better Campaigns, Media Access Project, Media for Democracy and the Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ, are putting together a database listing all Sinclair advertisers and will try to persuade others to withdraw their commercials. Among those on the list are chains like Applebee's International, Best Buy, Chili's, Circuit City, Domino's Pizza, Lowe's, Papa John's, Subway, Taco Bell and Wal-Mart Stores.

The controversy of the last week comes at a time when Sinclair's stock, like that of other local broadcasting companies, has already been hammered by a sluggish advertising environment and the dashing of deregulation hopes. The Sinclair stock has already fallen 53 percent this year. On Friday, it dropped 7 cents, or 1 percent to close at $7.04, near its 52-week low of $6.87. Before The Los Angeles Times first reported Sinclair's plans to show the s-called documentary more than a week ago, the stock was at $7.50.

Now this is not the first time we see the SBG do something like this. In April 2004, Sinclair ordered seven of its stations not to air Ted Koppel's Nightline broadcast featuring a roll call of the 700 U.S. troops who had died in Iraq. Republican Senator John McCain, who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, was among the many who criticized Sinclair?s action: "It is, in short, sir, unpatriotic. I hope it meets with the public opprobrium it most certainly deserves." [CNN, 4/30/04] Also, it is known for a fact that the SBG is a big supporter of the Bush Administration. It has given nearly $67,784 in political contributions, 97% to Republicans (

What do you think the outcome of all of this will be, and what kind of effect do think it will bring to the election?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Muhahahaha

You sure you weren't mrafrohead at one time?

your expressions are identical

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Hehe .. Who?

by G.Brown In reply to Muhahahaha

Lol, mrafrohead ... no .. never heard of him.

Funny name tho

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Pretty funny guy too

by Oz_Media In reply to Muhahahaha

He was always good for a lighthearted chuckle.

Think he's been tied up with school and career lately though.

Same expressions though. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Just NOT Bush! Baaaaaaaaaa

by G.Brown In reply to Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...

I just think that Bush is an arrogant idiot ... the problem is he is in charge of the world's largest superpower.

He started this war.

For those people who just follow Bush ... say baaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaa (oh no ... they got "four more years" after all that's got a better ring to it ... and it annoys those liberals more).

Although I would prefer to keep my eyes open and believe the TRUTH ... oh yeah ... it's out there ... somewhere.

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I'm tired of this it over yet?

by TomSal In reply to Just NOT Bush! Baaaaaaaaa ...

Bush ?
Kerry ?
Kerry ?

Nope.....I'm doing a write it vote...
Homer J. Simpson.

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Hang in there

by Aldanatech In reply to I'm tired of this electio ...

We're almost through with all of this, so hang in there. In the mean time, be on the look out and get ready to make one of your best informed decisions in your life. :)

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However, there is is a difference

by Aldanatech In reply to Kerry's side had their st ...

"Fahrenheit 9/11" was presented on film. You didn't need to go see it if you didn't want to, and if you did then you would pay for it. The SBG however, broadcasts "Stolen Honor" for free mostly on key battleground states. That's okay. They have their right to freedom of speech, but what they are looking for is an unfair advantage, and they do it because they are aware that the Bush administration is at risk of loosing re-election.

Michael Moore by the way is trying to show his film on television but he his being faced by strong opposition from Republican organizations. In fact, he is not even allowed to show his film on pay-per-view. Last time he attempted that, his contract was cancelled at only one step away from approval. For that, he decided to challenge the SBG by publicly announcing that he offers them to broadcast his film for free and prove that they are not biased. Now it left to see if they will accept the challenge.

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Point taken..but it really doesn't matter...

by TomSal In reply to However, there is is a di ...

I fully understand your point, but it really doesn't matter. And I'm nothing even thinking about the politics in this one...if it was for Kerry against Bush, For Bush Against Kerry...doesn't matter in this issue. The point is as a broadcasting company Sinclair is allowed to air what they wish on their networks. When they want to. Its no different than the stuff on TV I personally don't care to see, and I'm talking on the basic channels that you don't need to buy cable or satellite to get (esentially its free beyond what I pay for the tv set and the electricity).

And btw...I understand that the Bush camp is coming out with their "rebuttal" film to Fahrenheit 9/11...41.11 or some such nonsense.

If ANYONE on God's green earth truly, with every ounce of their being really believes that a film put out DURING ELECTION TIME by a person or persons who are historically or for other reasons so obviously for one camp over the other AND *you* think that said film is the truth and nothing but....please email me...

I have lots of stuff to sell you for very I mean low prices.

"tom's home-based shopping network...where gullible folks are our best customer."

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Kerry's side had their stab

by go_browns_01 In reply to Kerry's side had their st ...

Fahrenheit **1 was not shown on THE PUBLIC AIRWAVES. Do you know what "public air waves" means. It means they belong to you. Oh, and me. Get it, the public. Theaters are owned privately. Anyway, if you would take a quick glance at history you will see that this nation, and most other civilized countries, constantly swing ideologically, like a pendulum. Sometimes those swings can be disastrous, as the uber-conservative move of Nazi Germany. This country has for the most part avoided those disasters largely due to the stubborn refusal to tamper with the U.S. Constitution. Now however, it is very likely that when the pendulum swings back to the left there will still be a Patriot Act and a Patriot II, many reasons to review the licensing of the public airwaves, experience in modifying the constitution, and a wealth of knowledge on the ways to fix a national election.

Wouldn't it be wiser to protect the country now than to play around with one "stab" after another cause the pendulum is over there, for now?

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by TomSal In reply to Kerry's side had their st ...

Um thanks for that lesson about what is public

(How do you make it sound like you care when you REALLY REALLY couldn't care less about an issue? LOL) yeah.....anyways...They were going to show Stolen honor here at a Theater(sp?) in Jenkintown, PA....but it was nixed..Apparently two days before the screen a professor who is in the movie filed a lawsuit against Sinclair for defamation of character I believe. So anyway all these folks show up to see the film (hundreds of people, perhaps even the low thousands) and a huge fight breaks out...

Am I bad for thinking this is funny due to the absurdity of it? Yeah I'm gonna punch you in the face over another political move that is no doubt EXTREMELY slanted to one side only.

So damn dumb...some people I tell ya.

But to close I don't really want to hear the public verse not public thing, that's just a cop out if you ask me... BOTH films are pathetic, but if you watch it its your own control, your own doing....if its free..change the channel....this world --- too many excuses for everything.

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