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Consequences of the actions of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group

By Aldanatech ·
After the Sinclair Broadcasting Group (NASDAQ ? SBGI) broadcasted "Stolen Honor", an attack film on John Kerry based on slanted and inaccurate information, in would seem that the SBC is now being affected in ways that they didn?t experience before. In some cities such as Portland, Madison, Springfield, and Minneapolis, local advertisers, including car dealers, furniture makers, supermarkets and restaurants, have taken their commercials off the company's stations.

"I've decided I don't want to advertise on them," said Adam Lee, the president of Lee Auto Malls, which owns 10 auto dealerships in Portland Me., and has ordered its advertising off the CBS affiliate, WGME. "It's a public trust. It seems they're abusing it. If it were a news show and they were really trying to do a fair and balanced story on both sides, that would be a different matter. I don't think they are. That's not their intention."

Groups, including Common Cause, the Alliance for Better Campaigns, Media Access Project, Media for Democracy and the Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ, are putting together a database listing all Sinclair advertisers and will try to persuade others to withdraw their commercials. Among those on the list are chains like Applebee's International, Best Buy, Chili's, Circuit City, Domino's Pizza, Lowe's, Papa John's, Subway, Taco Bell and Wal-Mart Stores.

The controversy of the last week comes at a time when Sinclair's stock, like that of other local broadcasting companies, has already been hammered by a sluggish advertising environment and the dashing of deregulation hopes. The Sinclair stock has already fallen 53 percent this year. On Friday, it dropped 7 cents, or 1 percent to close at $7.04, near its 52-week low of $6.87. Before The Los Angeles Times first reported Sinclair's plans to show the s-called documentary more than a week ago, the stock was at $7.50.

Now this is not the first time we see the SBG do something like this. In April 2004, Sinclair ordered seven of its stations not to air Ted Koppel's Nightline broadcast featuring a roll call of the 700 U.S. troops who had died in Iraq. Republican Senator John McCain, who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, was among the many who criticized Sinclair?s action: "It is, in short, sir, unpatriotic. I hope it meets with the public opprobrium it most certainly deserves." [CNN, 4/30/04] Also, it is known for a fact that the SBG is a big supporter of the Bush Administration. It has given nearly $67,784 in political contributions, 97% to Republicans (

What do you think the outcome of all of this will be, and what kind of effect do think it will bring to the election?

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Now this is irony

by ippirate In reply to Consequences of the actio ...

Two incidents that have been heralded as "heroic" and more than acceptable this political season.
The CBS fiasco of the falsefied documents. Everyone jumped up and down and called it great that the documents were aired in a clear attack on President Bush.
The second, Procotor and Gamble have made a clear concerted push to support the homosexual marriage lobby. This two is okay for them to make public.
In both of these cases, companies have established their political views and stance. It was fine. Furthermore, several US newspapers have made political stances blatantly public and engaged in media politics.
In all of these examples it was fine. The one common thread? They all support the liberal/democrat agenda.

Sinclair broadcasting airs an editorial that is contraversial and now everyone is up in arms. Biased and a betrayal of the public trust? Yeah, so now your telling me that your upset because your television station gave you an opinion other than what you are comfortable with? You really need to say yes here because if you don't then you are witnessing to the fact that you no longer find it necessary to think for yourself but in fact, you are more than happy for the media outlets to tell you your opinions and positions and therefore wouldn't be protesting now if it weren't for the heavy contradiction to the rest of the right think you have been spoon fed. Central issue to the argument at this point? Sinclair is guilty of broadcasting something contrary to the democratic campaign.

As to the validity of the content, it is deemed invalid as it is not in lockstep with the Kerry campaign and a**holes like aldanatech think it fine to make irresponsible and incompetent accusations with no regard to the ignorance of their actions in attack of it. Isn't that the exact same thing that he is accusing Sinclair of in the above comments?

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The only point of contention

by JamesRL In reply to Now this is irony

That I can see, from a non-American perspective, is the need to provide balance.

Broadcasters have a mandate as part of their licensing to provide certain public services. During elections, they are required to make available time for political advertising. And when they offer opinions, they are required to provide time for opposing views.

If Sinclair provides time for a rebuttal, I wouldn't have a problem with it.


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They Did

by shauncharles In reply to The only point of content ...

Sinclair actually asked John Kerry to do a spot after the showing to rebuff the accusations made against him in the documentary

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Ooops, you weren't suppose to point that out. Again, more liberal bias

by ippirate In reply to They Did

and more democratic hate tactics.

Thanks for bringing out that point but unfortunately, since it didn't come from the DNC then most everyone else reading this thread will promptly ignore it. You have to remember, the show spoke contrary to right think and is therefore abhorrent.

As far as the DNC is concerned, if you oppose them, you are to be scuttled. Funny thing in all of this is that it was all laughable while the republicans weren't shooting back at the smear campaigns and rhetoric of Kerry. Now it is abhorrent and terribly wrong. Something comes to mind about dishing it out but not being able to take it.

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by G.Brown In reply to They Did

Yeah ... like I would really like to see Bush come out and rebute all of Michael Moore's accusations.

I think that would be a lot more difficult though!!

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and Kerry is too

by go_browns_01 In reply to They Did

stupid to know that the first question would be something like, "Yes or no Senator Kerry, have you stopped beating your wife?"

Kerry wouldn't dignify this boatload of lies.
Good for him.

By the way, "Yes or no, has President Bush stopped drinking goats blood and molesting little boys?"

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Hopefully ....

by G.Brown In reply to Consequences of the actio ...

People will see the way that Politicians ... especially those in power ... and especially the Republicans will put their propoganda machine into full flow.

But if the Republicans want to show a film that they would like to say is "freedom of speech" aren't they just being hypocrites by giving Michael Moore's a hard time to try and get his film Farenheight **1 aired ... rather than explaining say "exactly" what ties Bush has with the Bin Ladens etc.

I just hope there are more free thinking Americans than there are ones who will blindy follow the others like sheep. But for that people need to read an unbiased view in the media .... which sadly is hard to find.

"Independent Media In A Time Of War" is a hard-hitting new documentary by the Hudson Mohawk Independent Media Center ( This film is composed of a speech given by Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now! illustrated by clips of mainstream media juxtaposed with rare footage from independent reporters in Iraq.

128k Stream:

256k Stream:

Links are from this article:

I don't know why anyone would have wanted Vietnam to continue!

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by ippirate In reply to Hopefully ....

Insighting hostility doesn't make something true or what someone is digging at "the truth".

Thank you so much for driving home my previous point. It is always nice when someone spouts an opinion and follows that up with the equivalent of "if you don't say what I say then you are a sheep". The word oxymoron comes to mind. Lovely to have you invalidate yourself as you have.
Anyway, have a nice day.

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Strike Match!!

by G.Brown In reply to Gasoline

Thanks for your reply .... brilliant how you didn't manage to answer *ANY* point I made ... just give a knee jerk reaction about the point I make about what news people are being bombarded with.

But I do like your "hostility doesn't make something right" comment ... as that is what I am trying to explain about Iraq !!!

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If that was self invalidation

by Oz_Media In reply to Gasoline

why was it neccessary to post and point it out?

just a thought.

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