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Consequences of the actions of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group

By Aldanatech ·
After the Sinclair Broadcasting Group (NASDAQ ? SBGI) broadcasted "Stolen Honor", an attack film on John Kerry based on slanted and inaccurate information, in would seem that the SBC is now being affected in ways that they didn?t experience before. In some cities such as Portland, Madison, Springfield, and Minneapolis, local advertisers, including car dealers, furniture makers, supermarkets and restaurants, have taken their commercials off the company's stations.

"I've decided I don't want to advertise on them," said Adam Lee, the president of Lee Auto Malls, which owns 10 auto dealerships in Portland Me., and has ordered its advertising off the CBS affiliate, WGME. "It's a public trust. It seems they're abusing it. If it were a news show and they were really trying to do a fair and balanced story on both sides, that would be a different matter. I don't think they are. That's not their intention."

Groups, including Common Cause, the Alliance for Better Campaigns, Media Access Project, Media for Democracy and the Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ, are putting together a database listing all Sinclair advertisers and will try to persuade others to withdraw their commercials. Among those on the list are chains like Applebee's International, Best Buy, Chili's, Circuit City, Domino's Pizza, Lowe's, Papa John's, Subway, Taco Bell and Wal-Mart Stores.

The controversy of the last week comes at a time when Sinclair's stock, like that of other local broadcasting companies, has already been hammered by a sluggish advertising environment and the dashing of deregulation hopes. The Sinclair stock has already fallen 53 percent this year. On Friday, it dropped 7 cents, or 1 percent to close at $7.04, near its 52-week low of $6.87. Before The Los Angeles Times first reported Sinclair's plans to show the s-called documentary more than a week ago, the stock was at $7.50.

Now this is not the first time we see the SBG do something like this. In April 2004, Sinclair ordered seven of its stations not to air Ted Koppel's Nightline broadcast featuring a roll call of the 700 U.S. troops who had died in Iraq. Republican Senator John McCain, who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, was among the many who criticized Sinclair?s action: "It is, in short, sir, unpatriotic. I hope it meets with the public opprobrium it most certainly deserves." [CNN, 4/30/04] Also, it is known for a fact that the SBG is a big supporter of the Bush Administration. It has given nearly $67,784 in political contributions, 97% to Republicans (

What do you think the outcome of all of this will be, and what kind of effect do think it will bring to the election?

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Where I got the idea he had been fired...

by Cactus Pete In reply to Close, but not yet

"Jon Leiberman, the Sinclair reporter fired for publicly criticizing the company's handling of the documentary, said Sinclair executives told its news staff Sunday that they planned to run a "significant chunk" of the film, "but they refused to put a time on it." He said he objected when the company told reporters to develop news stories around the film."

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Thank you

by Aldanatech In reply to Where I got the idea he h ...

I've been kind of busy lately so I didn't get a chance to check out that one. Thank you for the update.

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Some industry analysts have decried Sinclair's plans

by Aldanatech In reply to Consequences of the actio ...

According to the American University communications professor, and media critic for Fox News Watch Jane Hall, "People in the news business are supposed to present both sides of the story", "They are not supposed to have an agenda. They are not supposed to want to affect the outcome of the election with something they label news."

Jon Leiberman (Sinclair Broadcasting's lead political reporter) said he was anguished by his decision to speak out. But, he said, the influence of commentator Mark Hyman and Chief Executive David D. Smith has been devastating. "There is going to be a concerted effort on the part of my colleagues to make this as balanced a program as they can," Leiberman said. "But the selection of the material ? dumping it on the news department, and giving them four days, and running it this close to the election ? it's indefensible, in my opinion."

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Who ever said that people get the government they deserve???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Consequences of the actio ...

My god what ever did the poor old US of A do to deserve this??? The Democrats had their bash with Fahrenheit **1 (Ray Bradbury would probaly have puked seeing or hearing about the perversion of his title) and it is still in the theatres running day in and day out. Nobody exercised any restraint or censorship on Moore.
In all fairness to him he has acknowledged the sole purpose of his movie was to discredit and depose Bush and you have to respect his courage in his willingness to defend his opinion. The man even showed up at the Republican Convention at great risk of physical harm to his person. I admire guts like that but it doesn't mean I agree in any conceivable way with his point of view. The only censorship exercised on his film is that you didn't have to watch it or any of the copious number of exerpts that have been run on so many outlets of the 'LIBERAL MEDIA'.
Now everyone is up in arms because Sinclair has had the audacity to run out a minor documentry to rebut Fahrenheit **1 called Stolen Honor. (I say minor only in regards to its production costs in contrast to those of F911). Is this pretty damning stuff??? Perhaps, but no more so than what was presented by Moore and the real objection of the Democrats is that they may have shot their bolt too soon. Obviously their strategy did not foresee any response from the Republicans, especially one so close to the election. When you realize the limited number of outlets Sinclair has, the fuss being created by the Democrats becomes even more laughable. Admittedly it is being put out over the public air waves gratis but how many people are prepared to give up their favorite programing to watch it. Once again censorship is only a flick of the dial away. The only people who are likely to watch it are the already convinced Bush supporters. Sinclair has even offered an equivalent amount of time to the Kerry forces in an effort to appear unbiased but the Kerry gang prefers to moan and groan about the perversion of the use of the public air waves. You will notice they don't mention Dan Rather who was and remains the ultimate perversion and perverter. The Democrats are hoping you'll forget that!!! Who knows??? Maybe they'll be able to biitch and whine enough to muster public support in their effort to ban the program. While the electorate are being diverted with this minor occurrence Bush can keep hammering away at more substantive issues such as Social Security, the economy and the state of medical care and treatment. As regards Iraq??? Why bother??? Anyone with an ounce of sense wants to finish it off and put an end to it.
How on earth did the USA get itself saddled with these clowns. I think most people have already made up their minds and this year the political winds seem to be blowing from the conservative quarter but next time out they could well shift towards the liberals. There is nothing to really do now but show up and cast your vote. If you fail to do that you shouldn't complain about the results. Whether Sinclair shows its documentary or not is moot. It has already served its purpose by distracting the Democrats with what would have been a nonevent if nobody had said anything.
A pox on both their houses. It would be nice to see a return of civility to the political process without the current strain of vile nastiness being in the air.

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Power of the People

by TheChas In reply to Consequences of the actio ...

In case you have missed it, the Sinclair Group has shelved their plans to broadcast their anti-Kerry documentary.

Instead, they will use clips in a report on documentaries and the press.

Since announcing the plans for the broadcast, they had a growing number of advertisers pull all of their adds.

This was followed by a 15% drop in their stock price.

Since announcing that they were dropping the broadcast, their stock recovered 12% today.

Who says public opinion has no sway with the media?


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Isn' that the saddest part though Chas?

by Oz_Media In reply to Power of the People

The ability of the media to show or hide information (whether true or not) from the public eye based on advertising dollars. This is what a once respected source of public information has been reduced to. BOTH parties have major media outlets in their pockets and use them against each other to fan the flames, it's sad, REAlLY sad.

I see the same up here from several networks, Canadian AND US, especially when compared to other reports that show BOTH views and offer a balanced opinion without a forced predetermined conclusion or message sent out. Even this is becoming less and less reliable though.

I see it as a result of greed, money makes the networks spin.

This would be all fine and dandy, if there were more than a handful of companies that provided ALL the media to us in the various forms, radio, print, television.
But they are all owned by larger unbrellas, this is the main reason I am against increasing the ownership proprtions of these massive conglomerates, they have too much control now, lets not give them a bigger piece of the pie.

just look what they did to music in North America, I know adults will always ***** about "the music the kids listen to these days!" but I listen to MORE than my share of new music from North America and Europe, what kids are force fed here today is complete garbage in comparisson to the same STYLES of music from Europe. I mean we have had kids listening to Enrique Iglasias (sp?), why should kids be force fed this garbage that my grandmother wouldn't have even let past her eardrums (god bless her soul).

The REAL talent goes unnoticed here thus I provide the crossover services to get them a fair shake away from the North American industry.

'Media', gotta hate it, maybe I should have chosen a more acceptable alias and career choice!

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That is truly a sad commentary on public opinion and intolerance.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Power of the People

Right or wrong, whether you are Democrat or Republican, what real harm would have been done showing Stolen Honor. The Democrats have just managed to prove that Kerry and his cohorts have no honor. This is the man you want to be President and he lacks the courage to take the same heat he applys to others??? Recall the slimy SOB before the election and send him back to the rock he crawled out from under. If you had any doubt about the Swift Boat Vets veracity that should have been removed by this little piece of work. The Kerry forces don't dare face the exposure. If the Moore thing was permitted why not the Bush piece??? Is it because F911 was a compilation of lies or is it that Stolen Honor is much too close to the truth for comfort. As I've said before Bush may be a beer short of a six-pack but when you consider the sleaze oozing from Kerry and his gang; then you have to vote for Bush, if for no other reason than he is the lesser of the two evils!!!!! ]:)If you own any stocks in the companies mentioned you should contact the investor relations departments of these companies to voice your dissatisfaction about their meddling in the public election process. It wouldn't do any harm if some of these companies were boycotted for a while. Maybe they might get the point about keeping out of politics but I doubt anybody will follow through on that.

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Keep in mind

by TheChas In reply to That is truly a sad comm ...

Keep in mind that no theater, and no person was "forced" to show / watch Fahrenheit **1.

There is also not a "public trust" issue for movie theaters.

Sinclair was going to require that all of their stations air Stolen Honor at the same time.

You may recall that during the time that Ronald Reagan was running for the Presidency, no TV or cable stations showed any of his movies.
They did not want to deal with any suggestion of the need to give another candidate equal time.

The problem with Stolen Honer, is that Sinclair was attempting to represent it as a news story, and not a biased documentary.

If Stolen Honer is so good, and so valuable, then distribute it to the movie theaters.


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Kerry was offered the equivalent amount of time but an alternative.........

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Keep in mind

Would be to run Fahrenheit **1 back-to-back with Stolen Honor. Stolen Honor is cut for TV to 44 minutes but Fahrenheit **1 is cut for the theatre at 115-120 minutes so that should be more than fair. The Democrat weenies are afraid to let it happen. Moore to his credit offered up F911 for free but was convinced to withdraw his offer. What are the Kerry gang afraid of unless its the truth?????

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Btw, an interesting tidbit on Michael Moore

by TomSal In reply to Kerry was offered the equ ...

Even though I find it astounding, I realize many people actually hail Michael Moore as a strange kind of "hero" for his controversial documentaries (I guess people forget the guy is getting rich off of them and that's what REALLY keeps him going..but anyway).

I'm sure you folks at least heard of Sean Hannity? He's an conservative ultra pro-Bush political talk show host, for those of you who don't know.

Anyway, he's pretty popular among the political talk show crowd in the USA -- I think he is second on the air only to Rush Limbaugh, and he's like the number 1 political talk show host on TV.

I listen to him sometimes on the drive home, about 20 minutes sometimes 30 minutes with traffic.

But to the point...he has been "chasing" Michael Moore down for months to sit down and do an interview with him -- Michale Moore constantly shrugs off the offer, makes excuses ..the latest was when asked at a recent event where Moore was the "guest speaker (for $30,000 mind you -- paid out of student funds)" at a college...a Hannity listener asked him why he runs from interviewing with Sean Hannity, and Michael said "Who is he?". Note how I told you Hannity has been after him for months for an interview, note how I told you Hannity has national radio and tv coverage.


Michael Moore is all talk behind his documentaries...but he's a coward for person to person debates?

Gotta love it!!

PS. Hannity said he'd even do the interview at site of Michael's choosing AND he'd pay for any expenses.

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