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consultant that is family friend

By rlindstrom ·
I work for a family run business (2nd generation - enough said). We outsource some programming to a consultant that has become a family friend over the years. I was promoted to IT Mgr. a few years ago and much to my disdain, he was basically untouchable even though we are way overpaying him. Recently, he found out that we are replacing all of his sub-systems with some new BI tools from Cognos. He offered to helo with the conversion and we declined. He then threatened me by saying "We'll have to see what "...." says this afternoon. I'm at a loss on how to handle this. Has anyone else run into this??

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Dogs and Bones

by ex-military nut In reply to consultant that is family ...

It sounds like a dog rooting for a bone.

Stick to your guns. You are on payroll; the friend is a contractor. This 'friend' has no concept that business is business. Having friends in business is a wonderful resource if not abused. Once the abuse starts, business relations should be severed. If the friendship suffers as a result, the motives behind the friendship should be questioned.

Bottom line: You are the IT Manager. You were put in that position because you evidently know what you are doing. If the boss overrides (or submarines) your decisions, it may be time to move on. Either way, your boss has an issue to deal with.

Good luck.

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Dollars and Sense..

by ITManager175 In reply to consultant that is family ...

Present to your boss the business reasons for not having this consultant on the project.
It sounds like it would not be cost effective as well as it wouldn't make sense because of his lack of knowledge in this area.
slowly keep him off projects and eventually he may just go away.

You may find that your boss has been trying to find a way to get rid of this leech for a while and you might be the answer.

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The decision has been made.

by ex-military nut In reply to Dollars and Sense..

If the IT Manager is already in the process of implementing these new items, the choice has already been made. I agree with another post about "old school bully" tactics. There is no room in this business (or ANY business for that matter) for a strong-armed approach. Like I stated in my original posting - the boss has the issue. Either way, you will be vindicated!

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Ur boss torpedoed your decision?

by g_tilghman In reply to The decision has been mad ...

If your boss torps ur decision, maybe you might want to think about getting another jobs because your boss doesnt have faith in your abilities and doesn't respect your position.

You might want to point out to your boss that if this is they way he sees your position, you would be better off working "out of the family" since his friends come first.

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I agree, however...

by AyukNotna In reply to Ur boss torpedoed your de ...

I agree, let this consultant catch up with you. Just emphasize to your boss all the benefits your company will be getting in this process. Document and make presentations, if you must, make "gain and lost" chart if necessary to justify your decision/opinion and wait for the judgment day.

Consider this, you cannot change job every time you encounter this kind of problem — sooner or later you will be in this same situation and you will end up looking for another job and this is not good. Goodluck.

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Declare the Conflict; Speak to the Common Ground

by wpennycook In reply to consultant that is family ...

I've not read many of the other responses, and I suspect there are many good suggestions. My experience is that an honest approach is always the best one in the long one.

The conflict is that the "family friend" consultant feels like he should have the conversion work and you don't think he is the best resource. I would declare this and present your case to boss, while placing an emphasis on the characteristics of your case that speak to the boss's values and the values of the company business (i.e., the "Common Ground"). Best Wishes!

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by Choppit In reply to consultant that is family ...

This is an attempt to blackmail you, plain and simple. Do what's right, not what's most comfortable. If there is no business case for this SC working with you then your proposal to your boss will need to highlight this.

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Ask the boss why he hired you.

by hheightman In reply to consultant that is family ...

If this consultant has been in the picture since before you were promoted, ask the boss why he gave you the job instead of the "friend".

If he didn't offer it to the friend, find out why. His reasons become your case for "running the show".

If the job was offered but the friend declined, find out why. His reasons become your case for "running the show".

You are on the inside and friend is on the outside. Leverage the reasons by making the boss say them out loud.

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Wrong Answer

by AnarchoCapitalist In reply to Ask the boss why he hired ...

I don't know what kind of company you work for, but, in my experience, trying to back the boss into a corner and boldly questioning his judgement will probably cause you more problems than you have now. Don't go down that road.

Instead, I would present a cost-benefit analysis on the new project, and use the facts and figures to let your boss figure out (on his own) that you know what you're doing, and you have the company's best interest in mind by doing the upgrade. Let your presentation speak for itself.

As a manager, I don't want to hear petty squabbles between associates--friends or not. If I'm putting a good deal of money on the line, I want to see a good return on my investment (ROI) and significant overall improvement for the business.

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I sure wouldn't quit

by seanmcpherson In reply to consultant that is family ...

You are the IT manager, talk to your boss about it and explain why he isn't needed. If your boss just insists on using his friend, you have to deal with it. Make him your gopher, after all, you are the manager. Give him something trivial to do while you do the real work.

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