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Controversial life decision

By jkaras ·
Here in Orlando there is a case that is getting national headlines. The case in question is regarding Terri Schiavo. She is a woman who had a heart attack/ stroke over 13 years ago that left her in a vegitative state. The case is a right to life/right to death controversy.
She has been in this state without the ability to communicate effectivly while in this awake coma. She can smile and coo like an infant but cannot sign like blinking of eyes to signify concious though or understanding. During this time the husband who has done questionable things when dealing with the situation and contends that they talked as husband and wife if a situation ever happened she would choose death. Her parents have fought to keep her alive not willing to let go contending that he didnt invest the insurance money for recuperative therapy despite doctors that contend that she is brain dead and that no therapy can change. He has since the incident has fallen in love with another and having a baby getting on with his life wishing to remarry. He has fought a legal battle to terminate her life to end her suffering and won. The only way to do this was to remove her feeding tube and starve to death. Our Gov. Jeb Bush abused his powers and overturned the court's ruling stopping the death sentence after 5 days of starvation. Whether he did it for political reasons or right to life, he broke the law stalling the already long awaited release of wasted life.

This fight is about not having a living will documented in marriage causing abiguity. I think it is wrong to have it in writting and that your spouse is legally responsible to carry out your wishes. Regardless of the parents still alive, when a man a woman join in matrimony they are one and that responsibility is theirs and no one elses regardless of the mistake of spouse. Also I cant imagine anyone wanting someone they love to live in that state without the ability to live life experiencing the good or the bad, to me that's tourture and it shouldnt have gone longer than a couple of months to determine recovery. What do you feel is right about living or death? Government intervention or family?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Simple, when in doubt

The correct saying is "When in Doubt Pull It Out!"

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My centiments exactly

by finmedmgr In reply to some points

When I was a teenager, my girlfriends dad woke up after 7 years

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2 questions here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My centiments exactly

What was the emotional cost to that family while he was not here?

Also how long did he require therpy after he woke up before he could again lead a somewhat normal life?

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In reply

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to some points

6. I once had a sick rabbit put to death rather than have the pain of seeing his pain. But it would be irrational - although singularly common - to claim that I had done the rabbit a favor. I killed him to spare myself, not him, pain. And I could have been prosecuted had I starved him to death.

You are not really this selish are you?

Do you also realise that you could be proscuted for allowing the animal to suffer needlessly?

I'll leave th erest alone but most reasonable people will live in hope and then when they are convinced that there is no hope will tell the Doctors what the wishes of the other person wasI do not know of a single person who would refuse medical treatment for their spouce on the grounds that God choses if he/she lives or dies so it is pointless in us useless humans trying to intervene in God's work.

That is as equially valid as your argument that it is not man's place to do Go's work or try to think what God's intentions are it could be said that by keeping this woman alive man is interefering in God's work.

Have a think on that.

As far as her family goes I have seen terminal cancer patients families convince themselves that the patient is getting better when in actuall fact they are close to death it all depends on what they want to see and nothing else matters.

Incidently how long had this woman been in a vegitative state before her husband found his "Fancy Woman?"

Would you be willing to place you're life in limbo for thsi long?

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The government should of stayed out of it -

by JimHM In reply to Controversial life decisi ...

It isn't for me to say whether the plugs should of been pulled or not. That is up to her Family (husband), not for the general public to deal with.

The Florida legislator should of stayed out of it - If she were my wife, and the courts said OK to unplug then the legislator made a law saying No. Then I would send all the bills to the state of Florida - they took responsibility at that point in time.

It isn't up to anyone but her husband to make that choice - not the public - not the state - no ones.

If you are asking me what I would want if I became a Plant (veggie) where my life was someone fed, watered, changed and put me in the sun on a daily basis. I say pull the plug and let me go to my maker - that is not life, I want quality not quantity, let me go and meet my God - and my family get on with their life. But that would be for me - The choice for her - is up to her husband - not the state of Florida.

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Almost been there

by Oz_Media In reply to Controversial life decisi ...

I've almost been there, not really the same situation but my mother has had to decide whether to keep me on life support or not.

I was in a car accident hat left me in a coma for almost 50 days. The hospital had assured my mother that I would PROBABLY come to but they wer unsure if I would have any motor skills or be able to lead a normal live without constant medical attention. In this case, my mother OF COURSE, signed to keep me on lief support.

I did recover, learned to walk, talk, read and write again and now live a life with no change other than frequent headaches which have slowed down a bit but still often plague me.

As far as the woman you are speaking of, I haven't seen nor heard of th eincident other than in your description. Judging by what you've said, this person has absolutely no way of ever leading a normal life or being able to enjoy life again. There is no medical evidence showing that she may recover nor any medical breakthroughs that would change the situation, therefore it is not inhuman to stop life supoprt and help this lady to pass in peace and with comfort assisted by whatever medication is deemed appropriate to hold off any pain until her demise.

as for the legality surrounding this, it is VEY hard to say what is wrong or right without hearing the full testimony of the parties involved or that of her doctors. I agree that the spouse is now a part of the persons life and should have say as to what happens, but lets look at this another way shall we?
My wife and I have not been getting along for three years, we aer deciding to divorce after the kids are grown but feel they need both parents to develop properly. We have been civil so that our relationship doesn't affect the children but we are not communicating or in love with each other anymore.

my wife has a car accuident while driving home and is deemed clinically brain dead at the hospital. Her parents want to kep her alive but she has a nice life insurance policy that pays me in the event of her sudden death. i would never have intentionally harmed her, but this would clear up all my problems for good.

Should I still be allowed to make the descision without her parents or family members having any say in the matter?

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The problem

by jkaras In reply to Almost been there

is that the law has been wrote, once married you are one and are the next of kin. Yes, it is schame in the event of a horrible spouse that doesnt have your best interests at heart, but that's your fault for a poor choice in spouse. If they werent married it would default to the parents. In my opinion staying together for the kids just makes everyone unhappy and fixes nothing. Keeping a focus on the well being of the children by not using them as pawns in your breakup works, too bad people tend to be petty rather than grownup. It is a schame that you have to have a living will to protect yourself. I've had a bunch of people cross me in my life but I know I could never take their life cause of a wronging. The people that can will get theirs when it it time. I feel for the parents that truly love their child and no parent should outlive their child, but come on give her peace. I feel that this is their way to get back at the husband for whatever reason and not about their little girl anymore.

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Good points

by Oz_Media In reply to The problem

And I almost wholly agree.

"Yes, it is schame in the event of a horrible spouse that doesnt have your best interests at heart, but that's your fault for a poor choice in spouse."

To blame someone for a poor choice in thier spouse is ridiculous. Often marriage brings out the Jeckyl and Hyde in people. This can be comlpetely hidden for years leading up to marriage and then appears as a side never seen before. It isn't the fault of the people who are married, this is a common situation. Especially with people who marry young and then develop into different people over time.

But you're right on the don't hang out for the kids benefit. I didn't, I share my sons time between his mother and myself (or rather that he is now old enough, he shares HIS time between us).
I'd much rather have a son who visits and see me as a friend as well as a father than one who was torn between two people and forced to make a decision as to where he goes. Staying together would have really pained and effected him at a young age, so we were open with our feelings toward each other and our son understood that two married people don't always see eye to eye, yet this has no bearing on our love for him at all.

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I get ya but..

by jkaras In reply to Good points

It's your responsibility when deciding to marry someone whether they are the person you believe them to be. Too many people buy into the afraid to be alone or parental pressure for grand kids. If you took the proper time to know the person you could get a feel of when the chips are down what might happen. Yes I definitely believe that people's taste change or time, or even boredom in the relationship, but not so much as the core of the individual. To me that part of you never changes a duck is a duck, a shark is a shark, neither could be the other, they might try to act like the other but eventually they have to be themselves.Do adults act like jilted teenagers when the marriage is over? Unfortunately yes, and that's rather sad which scares me away from marriage. You made the mess, you're responsible to cleanup your own mess, nobody twisted your arm to get married and if they did you're still responsible for going thru it or listening to someone else rather than yourself.

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If I only

by zlitocook In reply to Controversial life decisi ...

function on a lower brain level, smile, coo, eyes move with people I want to let my body go. I do not think that this is the last stop in learning and helping others. If I can not function as a person I want the person who I give permission to, to let the doctors let me die! I will return as a better person.

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