Convert .MOV to something WMP can play.

By CharlieSpencer ·
I need to convert a .MOV file to a format Windows Media Player can play. Apple Quicktime conflicts with some of our applications, and WMP has the advantage of already being on all our systems. The video was shot on a cell phone so I assume the quality is pretty low to begin with.

I have almost no multimedia experience outside of replaying '70s tunes on YouTube. I tried a freeware utility called 'SUPER' but it failed to convert to .MPG no matter what settings I tried.


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I don't trust any of those ad's to be honest

by Slayer_ In reply to One of Sponsored links on ...

The only ads I have EVER clicked were on and my own forum, because they were for ads for games. They all turned out to be legit.

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I've used Prism

by .Martin. In reply to Convert .MOV to something ...

was sort of average, but I liked the way it was set up, i.e., simple.

if you just need to use it one it is ok, but it is only a trial, and it eventually expires (I don't know how long you have)

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Or - don't bother converting it and just use ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Convert .MOV to something ...


GOMplayer runs .MOV files better than Apple Quicktime ever did. Also, the beauty of GOM is that it is a self-updating component, running inside its own Codec.

As the GOMplayer blurb states:
GOMplayer plays ANYTHING.

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Fair enough - I hadn't realised ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thanks, but as I replied ...

The application of 'solution' in this case.

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I didn't include enough details in the OP. No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Fair enough - I hadn't re ...
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I was being 'nice'. {NT}

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I didn't include enough d ...
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