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Converted at last

By Roger99a ·
I have finally been converted, thanks to Ubuntu and Debian, to Linux. I've been a Windows guy for 10 years but could never get the hang of Linux. Redhat was useless and confusing to me. Debian rocks! I'm running Ubuntu from home, no big accomplishment, but what I did at work I think brings me into the Linux world. We needed a "nix box for a project I dreamed up. It needed to be secure and familiar to my database guy who works on FreeBSD systems. The FreeBSD guy at work was unavailable for this project so I decided to build a Debian box. With very little assistance (mostly "What program do you use for" questions) I setup the Debian box, Apache-ssl, OpenSSL, FTP, Mail and it all works. WOOHOO! I think I'll start replacing those BSD boxes soon.

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Welcome to the Linux universe

by Choppit In reply to Converted at last

It's a bit of an eye opener isn't it?

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My choice

by Choppit In reply to Welcome to the Linux univ ...

I chose RH9 to start with, which I've now been running in a production environment for a little over a year. I've been playing with Fedora 3 for a few months, but I'm intrigued to try Suse 9.2 )if I can ever get the live eval to work)

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Oh Yeah!

by Roger99a In reply to Welcome to the Linux univ ...

I'm looking for more stuff to do with it.

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Open Source

by Choppit In reply to Oh Yeah!

Just trawl sourceforge or freshmeat for ideas. I particularly like the PHP/MySQL/Apache projects which I know will also run under Windows, but I just wouldn't do it now I've found Linux.

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actually . . .

by apotheon In reply to Open Source

Since Roger99a is using Debian (and Debian-based Ubuntu), I'd recommend searching for software using the "apt-cache search" command at the shell. You'll find more stuff more quickly, and can get functionality summaries of the packages using the "apt-cache show" command. Then, of course, it's a simple matter of using "apt-get install" to download and install it.

Yes, I do so love the benefits of being a Linux user.

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Re: Converted at last

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Converted at last

Admittedly, it's been a while since I lived in the Linux world, but I recall using Q-mail instead of sendmail, for security reasons.

Craig Herberg

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