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Copying entire hard drive

By mmogano ·
Does it make sense to copy my entire hard drive including the Operating System (XP)(used space 15Gb) to a mobile hard drive via USB2 and would this provide me with a complete backup if my drive ever crashed?

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In the particular shop

by jardinier In reply to Yes you are quite correct

at the particular time, the Olympus was the most expensive model.

I realise that digital cameras with higher specs have become available since that time.

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You've never used a Digital Camera until you've had

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yes you are quite correct

Your dirty mitts on a H2 Blad. I was loaned one and got into all sorts of trouble as She Who Must be Obeyed thought that I had gone out and bought one but I had it for 2 weeks all 22 MEG Pixel of it and loved it to death. What made it even better is that all my Blad lenses fitted the body so I could switch from a Fish Eye to a 1200 mm Telephoto and everything in between but I'll guess that I'll stick with my 500 ELM's for the time being and allow She Who Must Be Obeyed to buy me a H2.

Col ]:)

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Lack of processing

by ozi Eagle In reply to Storing digital images

The problem with film is that it is getting harder and harder to get them processed. In our city Kodak does not process film anymore. Independents may.

Also have you heard that AGFA has gone belly up?

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No problems at all in Sydney

by jardinier In reply to Lack of processing

All pharmacists as well as photo processing specialists carry plenty of stocks of Kodak colour negative film (also Fuji) and processing is done overnight, but by independent companies.

Hello there in Geelong. My dad used to teach at Geelong Grammar many moons ago.

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Now Konica Minolta

by ozi Eagle In reply to No problems at all in Syd ...

I know Geelong Grammar well , one of my clients.

As I stated a few days ago AGFA has gone belly up, now Konica Minokta is shutting down their camera and film manufacturing. See the story at

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Konica Minolta

by jardinier In reply to No problems at all in Syd ...

Well I guess it won't bother me for a while.

My main camera is a Minolta 101 which I have recently had completely overhauled. I have a Rokkor 50 mm Macro lens that goes down to 1:1 with an attachment fitted between the camera and lens. The Macro focuses down to 2:1 on its own.

I also have a Rokkor 1:1.7 50 mm, a 28 mm and a couple of macro zoom lenses.

Primarily I am using the Macro to take photos of flowers for my gardening website:

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Jules that's all wrong but far be it for me to tell you how

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No problems at all in Syd ...

To take photos. You should be using a fixed focal length Lens with Diopters in place generally a conventional or what passes as a Standard lens that originally came with the camera body. By using a Macro Zoom you loose Depth Of Field and with pictures of flowers this can be really important particularly with the bigger ones. Even a Scarracenia Flower which is far from big has a noticeable lack of a depth of field when using a Macro Zoom to take a photo of the flower while you can pick up one petal perfectly everything else is out of focus.

Diopters or a bellows with a movable Focal Length give a much better result particularly when used close up and do not suffer from a lack of depth of field like a Macro Zoom does.

See I did learn something from my dearly departed brother before he died even if I do find it hard to carry his cameras.

Col ]:)

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by Old Guy In reply to I would however

Not trying to be smart alec about this but I would like to know. Sorry but I haven't heard of the 3 year limit on digital pictures. If a digital picture is made up of 0's and 1's how would that degrade? Wouldn't the same thing happen to any part of data and/or computer images?

I do know that CD's can be damaged but if they are not damaged how would the data degrade?

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Media degredation

by sdcphoneguy In reply to Question

You might want to read this article which gives a lot of insite to digital storage.,10801,107607,00.html?source=NLT_DIS&nid=107607

A shortened version of this URL is

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Thanks for the link...

by Old Guy In reply to Media degredation

I must have missed that class. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. At least I'm keeping my wedding videos on magnetic tape and not discarding them.

I'm not sure, though, if you were aware the link had to have a user ID and password with ComputerWorld to get it. I do have but some folks may not.

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