Copying files and folders with long names?

By ndveitch ·
Hi there,

I have a quick question to ask. What program could I use to copy files and folders from one drive to another, but there is a catch. In a few of the folders there are multiple sub folders. The problem I am running into is that there are so many sub folders within sub folders that total commander and xcopy (with /e/c/k/h/o/x switches) keep failing. I was thinking of maybe trying robocopy or unstoppable copier. As you can imagine I haven't needed to do this kind of copying in a long time so the programs I have are not really up to date :$

The main reason I need to get this done is because one of my drives has failed and I would like to get a recent copy of the data off while my file server is still running. The main issue with this stupid server is that when it got setup a few years ago, the guys who set it up used the Windows software Raid setup as the server didn't come with a raid controller. I have been trying to get a new server but the CFO has just said when it breaks we will deal with it. Now it is in the breaking process and my backup software (SSR2011) is giving me trouble while trying to backup the server due to the broken raid.

I am going to try one last time with SSR 2011 to see if I can get a backup of the server, but in the mean time I need to try and get this data off but these long file and folder names are giving me trouble

Anyway ideas on programs to use, or am I going to get it from the users


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heres a few ideas

by markp24 In reply to Copying files and folders ...

look at xcopy here
It shouldnt have issues with LFN. but i have noted if its over 254 characters in the path sometimes it gets confused.
some apps that handle coping are:

I use second copy it works well

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even with software fake RAID . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Copying files and folders ...

it should still rebuild the mirror
just install another disk in place of the bombed one

as rebuilding comes with the risk of losing the other disk before the whole thing is rebuilt / copied,
the best I can suggest is check the date on the last backup that worked
verify the media still contains that backup
then copy only the files & folders that are modified / created since the last backup

after that try the rebuild onto a new disk
if the rebuild fails and the unit goes down
you have the files in the tombstone backup plus the newer files you copied
amounting to basically a full + manual incremental /diff backup ready to be restored to a new system if necessary
_ _

a similar thing happened to one of our servers
2003 Standard with windows Fake RAID
someone in IT decided that it's OK to stuff a server into a small cabinet with no air circulation.
Well summer came and went and Disk 0 blew up, it was completely seized, no sound from it whatsoever
the service guy had the disk out on the counter when I arrived, and it was still too hot to pick up 30 minutes later, I don't know how he got it out without scorching his fingers

after he installed the new disk and told winders it was the replacement for the bombed disc
it started to rebuild the mirror
and the server is still running but in a new location

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Reponse To Answer

by Who Am I Really In reply to even with software fake R ...

one more thought

if your backup program is freaking out because of the failed disk
"break" the mirror first with DiskPart

and then take the backup from the remaining disk

once the mirror is removed the backup program shouldn't choke anymore

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Thank you for the advice

by ndveitch In reply to Copying files and folders ...

Thank-you so much for the advice. Thank-fully I was able to get a straight copy off the drive. It took me a while but I got it. Instead of replacing the drive, somehow I was able to convince the CFO to rather purchase a new box, so we are going with the Seagate BlackArmor NAS440 :)

This is going to help a **** of a lot cause when the original IT crowd setup the server many years ago they set it up with a 10Gb C drive on top of the fake RAID and it has been a nightmare to work on. At least now when the NAS arrives I can copy all the stuff onto it and go from there.

Thank-you again for the advice. It is one of the main reason I love using TR, the advice is always useful. :)

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Copying files and folders with long names?

by fdimins In reply to Copying files and folders ...

robocopy goes well over 256 charactors, for slightly longer paths,on file resources, a trick that adds a couple of charactors is, make a share as far down as possible. Disconnect all connections to resource (log off might be needed) and reconnect over the new share

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It's a Filesystem limitation

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to Copying files and folders ...

When using NTFS you have a hard limit to filename size of 255 characters and a total path limit of 32,767 Unicode characters. It doesn't matter what program you use to copy the data.

The two solutions are:

1. Map network drive deep in the tree. The path limitation will start over at the new drive letter you have created. This makes a path longer than the maximum that can no longer be manipulated without the drive mapping. (a share like what fdimins suggested)

2. Move the end of the tree closer to the root. Look at the offending path in explorer. Grab a logical place in the middle where you can split the tree and move it down the tree. Maybe you will need a new folder structure that makes more sense. Organize the folders so they don't go on in to infinity and you will be able to manage your data.

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