Core temperature on Geforce 8800GT

By firefox5000 ·

I have an HP Pavilion d4100 series PC with Nvidia Geforce 8800GT with 512Mb memory.
The thing is that the grafic card has a high core temperatur when it is idle, about 67-69 Celcius degrees. Is this normal?
The computer box has enough with space inside and the PC is well aired. I dont know if the PC box has enough with holes to give enough with coolage. The grafic card is not overclocked but in normal mode. Should i worry or not? If it is to hot is there anything I can do to lower the core temperatur?

Thanks in advance

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No it's not 'normal' and CAN be reduced ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Core temperature on Gefor ...

Download and install RivaTuner

It allows you to take control of the low-level instructions for the cooling fan on the 8800GT.

By default, the 8800GT runs its fan at 25% rotational speed. Unfortunately, although this fan is 'supposed' to be temperature controlled, the accuracy of the control leaves rather a lot to be desired.

I had the same (almost identical) temperatures when the system was on idle, until I increased the fan speed to 80%. My 8800GT now had an idling temperature of 53'C and seldom rises above 61'C even when running CRYSIS @ 48fps.

There are instructions on the website but if you need any further help just post back with your details. :)

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by firefox5000 In reply to No it's not 'normal' and ...

Did u use temperatur threshold for different fanspeeds? There is also soething about power user settings. I have version 190.38 of nvidia.

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Clcik 'Customize' on the main screen ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Temp

You'll get a little pop-up containing 5 icons - click on the icon to the extreme LEFT - it looks like a graphics card and gives you access to the low-level system settings.

The next window contains a slider for the fan speed.

TICK for 'Enable low-level fan control'.

Choose FIXED (rather than Auto).

Move the slider to the RIGHT to increase the default fan speed - I leave mine on 80% constantly (I DID try using the 'Auto' option, fiddling with various temperature settings but it never seemed to make much difference - maybe my 8800GT's thermal sensor doesn't work with the fan).

But as I previously posted, it dropped my card's idling temperature from the very high 60s right down to the lower 50s, which can't be bad. :)

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by firefox5000 In reply to Clcik 'Customize' on the ...

I done as u said and the core temp has dropped down. At 60 % fan speed the core is now down at 55 Celsius degees. This is a great result and i thank u as much as i can. However when windows restarts the settings i've made are gone. I suppose I have to save my settings? Do u know exactly what I need to save and use?

Thank u

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Saving the settings ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Save

Never thought of it like that before, but I suppose it's a bit odd in the way that it works.

To the LEFT of the 'Save' button, there should be a little TICK BOX. It's title is:...
'Apply fan settings at Windows startup'
...that's what you need to tick.

The 'Save' button is only to save the settings into RivaTuner (I think you can have multiple settings for different purposes).

Do I get my Thumb now ??

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You should have the drivers for this....

With this graphic card all you have to do is install the drivers. With this installed the fan on it will bring the temperature down to a reasonable level.
Go to:
NVIDIA System Tools with ESA Support

Download this and save it, then run it. It will cool your graphic card down a bit.

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Didnt make big differens

by firefox5000 In reply to You should have the drive ...

I have installed it and waited. The core temp is about 67-68 celsius degrees.
It didnt make big differens. is there anything else i can do? There is a option to change the coolage of the cpu on the grafic card. Its on 30 % for now. Should i increase it to a 60%?

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This software is only a monitor - there's no controls ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to You should have the drive ...

Thus, there is no way to increase the rotational speed or the temperature-response of the cooling fan(s).

All it lets you do is sit and helplessly read the current temperature. And it comes in an 85MB+ package - RivaTuner lets you vary the fan speed and occupies 2.5MB period.

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EVGA utility....

by ---TK--- In reply to Core temperature on Gefor ...

I use the Precision Utility from EVGA, I have no complaints... my thermal temps are always great... you will have to sign up with EVGA, but its worth it... check it out

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Well if all else fails you can do a little modification to it..

Easy Graphics Card Temperature Drop Modification
More on that here:

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