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Correct me if I'm wrong

By Ed Woychowsky ·
I just received an e-mail from an outside organization regarding the last round of integration testing. The impression that the e-mail gives is that I am expecting too much when I expect the data to pass validation. Because, the author states, it is only test data and test data never passes validation. In addition, validating the data is unnecessary because users will be trained to enter valid data and once that training occurs all data will be valid and that validation is a waste of both time and resources.

I am reminded of a sign that I once saw in a bar in Alabama; "Trust in the Lord, all others pay cash."

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by Fregeus In reply to Correct me if I'm wrong

...that sounds like a recipy for future problems. There is nothing better than a user to find undocumented bugs!!!


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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Yeah..

Bugs, yeah, like the ones from the movie Aliens.

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"...validating the data..."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Correct me if I'm wrong


"...validating the data is unnecessary because..."



Okay, calm face. I can do this.

"...validatingthedataisunnecessarybecauseusers ... becauseuserswillbetrained ... trained ... TRAINED ..."





Oh, man; my ribs can't take much of that.

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to "...validating the data.. ...

Run the maze, push the lever and get a pellet. Ah, can life get any better?

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As a matter of fact

by JamesRL In reply to Correct me if I'm wrong

I'm holding up a project right now because of these kinds of issues.

Does this organization presume that no old data will be imported from any other applications? That the users will simply start from scratch?


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Imported data

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to As a matter of fact

A number of managers and developers actually seem stunned when I suggested validating data. They seemed to be of the "train the users" school of thought.

On the plus side, these managers and developers aren't involved with developing the control software for a nuclear power plant.

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Close to my experience

by JamesRL In reply to Imported data

I did work for a company which designed and built nuclear plants.

But I worked in IT, so my projects were more around the business systems, not the control software.

I did have regular interaction with those types though, they were some of our more demanding customers.

I'm pretty confident that my friends in the control software teams were all pretty much sticklers for intense validation.

I'm in commmercial software now. I know if we don't validate, I will get the calls. The support supervisors know who to talk to.


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and we know how well trained the users are at those place

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Imported data

Chernobyl comes to mind right now.

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That's nothing hey...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to and we know how well trai ...

Chernobyl was human error combined with failing machinery, just like three mile island. This takes the cake:
Far as I recall, they decided to forego the designated transfer vessel for a soluted plutonium liquid or other such, and instead go with a more handy one... a bucket.
They figured that more of the stuff fits in the bucket.
That's right, just enough for critical mass... god sakes, the poor bastards saw the blue glare of raw nuclear reaction right under their noses. Most uncool.

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Maybe not...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Imported data

But someone just like them might be.
Over here, the finnish state commissioned a "new type" of nuclear power plant...---... from the french ...---...!
Luckily it seems the governments technocrat supervising organ is being suitably hyper-****... the project is years overdue because they insist on checking the weldings and castings for hairline fractures, which they always seem to find. Despite the fact that the french feel it's a waste of time to "validate" the procedures.

Trust, but make sure. It's the only way to go.

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