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Counter offer conundrum

By sjohnson175 ·

So, I now may face this situation. Yes, I'm new on Tech Rep.

I have been miserable since August of 2004 and started looking "for real" that December.

I resigned yesterday for a new position and got a verbal counter from my current boss. I turned that down.

However, this morning a former boss I used to hold in the highest regard (more on that in a bit) spent an hour with me this morning asking if "anything could be done" because "I'm too valuable to lose". I took that opportunity to unload (professionally of course) about what really needs to change to make me happy (money is only a tiny part of it).

He said he was going to "ponder" my issues.

Now, about why I lost respect for this person. A co-worker who is unhappy as me went to him in confidenct for a reference. The former boss agrees then proceeds to tell the owner and board of directors (this person is a Senior VP) about my co-worker's request.

Word has leaked back to the co-worker that he may be a target for firing over the request.

Should I even consider a counter if they put it in writing or just keep running?

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Don't play that game

by JamesRL In reply to Can't play that game.

Everyone wants more money. But if you give the employer the signal that you are only interested in $$ not the job, you could make that bad first impression thats hard to shake.


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I regretted it.....

by silvioandpauly In reply to Counter offer conundrum

I took the counter offer 3 years ago - I'm currently looking to leave again. Things only changed for a little while - on the plus side, it upped my salary.

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Two things

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Counter offer conundrum

First, asking your current boss for a reference is evolution in action, I mean like goodbye.

Counter Offers. Never take one, in my oppinion.
If they've been under-valuing you either financially or in input, they've been doing it on purpose.

If you 'make' them pay you more, they aren't going to forgive you.

I worked for some guys, they made lots of promises, never kept any of them. I said right I'm off, all of a sudden, everything was definitely going to change this time, Oh and here's some more money etc etc. I left, surprise they did change everything, the wrong everything though went bust three months after I left.

A slightly different situation, but you were leaving for a reason, the only change to your situation is they've just realised their booty is wide open to assault.
Your's is as safe as it ever was though !

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