Coverting a USB dongle to a USB flash Drive

By eraser3498 ·
Is there anyway to convert a USB dongle into a usb flash drive. I currently can't see the drive listed in windows explore but it is detected and installated. Thanks for the help.

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look here

by shasca In reply to Coverting a USB dongle to ...

Does the removable media show up in Disk Management?

On the desktop right click My Computer and the Manage. Down the list is Disk Management. If it is detected it should show up as removable media witha an assigned drive letter. There could be a conflict with existing devices using the same draive letter. This will keep it from showing up in Explorer. You would just right click and chsnge the drive letter to one not being used.

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Careful you don't lose the 'dongle' in the process ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Coverting a USB dongle to ...

It really depends on whether you're ever going to need the dongle again for its present function.

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Ron Convert.exe /dongle /sd

by The Scummy One In reply to Coverting a USB dongle to ...

then stomp on the Dongle to compact it to fit in a flash drive. Then cut the dongle cable and -- viola -- a USB dongle converted to a flash drive.

However it may not function afterwards, so backup the data first :^0 :^0

Ok, more seriously, what is on the Dongle? If it is a dongle to unlock a SW package, then I doubt you can just copy/clone it to a flash drive easily, and you may destroy it in the process. Only try this if you can go without the SW until either a new dongle arrives, or until a new license/dongle is purchased.

If it is just a memory card, likely all you need to do is copy the data to a flash drive.

However, you should backup your data and make sure not to 'move' it until it has been copied/verified elsewhere.

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A Dongle is NOT a flash drive.

by 1bn0 In reply to Coverting a USB dongle to ...

They typically include an encryption chip or a hash key required by the software package they are provided for.

If you really just want a USB drive the dongle is probably worth a LOT more to someone tryingto run the software than any USB drive would be to you.

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