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CPU Overheating?

By dragonrider69 ·
Hello, I seem to be having an issue with a Gateway laptop. The core temperature of the CPU is 75C this is extremely hot. I happen to notice when the power settings are set lower, of course to extend battery life that the temperature drops. Of course, this is also due to the decrease in performance from the CPU. However, I cannot seem to figure out why while in High Performance mode this thing gets so hot I could cook a pancake on it. Fan seems to be working, because I can hear it, and I have attempted to **** out the vents. It is an AMD turion CPU dual core of course. Therefore, any ideas would be great thanks.

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I remember those electronics kits

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Haven't pulled a

- that they sold in toy stores... we need those for notebooks. Total modulization, designed gaps between the parts to allow ventilation without dust getting to the components. And you pull it apart like a lego building, replace the offending part, stick it back together.

In fact, Lego would probably be the best to start this!

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Too Hot!!

by jeroldo In reply to Message has been deleted.

If your really worried about it disassemble the thing and get the dust bunnnies out of the fan intakes and you'll be surprised how much cooler it will run. I had a Toshiba that had both dust bunnies and a disfunctional second fan that moved air across the CPU that had quit altogether. That was a hot one and kept shutting itself off. Your problem is probably just dust.

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by dragonrider69 In reply to CPU Overheating?

In this particular situation it appears the CPU, well main board in general needed a good dusting loll. Thanks for all insight.

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