CPU Usage

By jacklbrt ·
This may seem like a newbie question.
I have had a HP PC for a while running an AMD 64 Athlon processor. I picked it up second hand from the business that I run and it has always seemed to me to be too sluggish for the processor speed that it claims, 2.2Ghz. When I pull up the Task Manager and look at Performance it has always shown CPU usage at between 70% and 100% despite everything that I've tried to streamline and "de-junk" my system and even when I hve no applications running. I know that there are processes always running in the background and I accepted this as the reason for this constantly high CPU usage.

But I just picked up another PC, a Dell with a Pentium 4, 2.5Ghz processor and when I pull up the Task Manager CPU usage is between 0% and 2% !! And this while I'm attempting to uninstall some software.

Can anyone explain why this is happening and what, if anything, that I might do to improve the performance of the HP PC?

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System Idle

by IC-IT In reply to Thanks for your replies.

is really a reflection of Unused CPU cycles, so 50-100% is a good thing.
With Task Manager open, click twice on the CPU bar above the percentages. This should show the highest use processess in decending order.
You can also use MSConfig to stop unneeded processes from loading at startup. They will still be available when you choose to run the application(s).

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I appears that what I'm seeing

by jacklbrt In reply to System Idle

is just what the CPU normally does and I simply did not have a clear understanding of that.
At this time, with no other programs running other than the OS and IntExplorer all of the CPU usage is System and System Idle Process which I gather from all of your replies is more or less normal.
Sadly my knowledge level at this time is lacking when it comes to really knowing which processes need to be running and which ones do not.
Thanks for all replies. Very helpful.

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Google is helpful

by IC-IT In reply to I appears that what I'm s ...

You can safely uncheck anything related to updating applications i.e. Itunes, real player, etc.
Also many applications have no need to load on startup.
Google any unknown exe or dll names to learn what they are associated with.
For example; jusched is just a program to check for Java updates = not needed; just perform a manual update check once a month or so.
Don't feel intimidated, we all started with that first mouse click, or key press, or toogle switch. or punch card (Ok I am an old fart). ;-)

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This may be of help

by OH Smeg In reply to I appears that what I'm s ...

It's called Process Quick Finder and it allows you to left click on a running Process in the Task Manager to see what it is on a Web Page.


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Nice link Col...

by Dumphrey In reply to This may be of help

I will be adding that prog to my standard utilities.

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System Rebuild

by benjamin.egas In reply to CPU Usage


I personally have never had issues with and AMD proc. My home laptop is a V3000 with an AMD Turion 64 x2. Short of the DVD drive taking a crap once, I have had no issues.

Have you tried to reload the system? Maybe the image used is crap and has meta data from old, uninstalled applications?

Just a thought.


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In an earlier post I mentioned that

by jacklbrt In reply to System Rebuild

this is a second hand PC and I don't posses an OS disc.

Just a while ago I booted this PC up and it ran so slow that I could not believe it.
When I opened the Task Manager I saw the CPU usage was pegged at 100% and when I checked the processes all were at zero, even System and System Idle !!
What's up with that?

Thanks for the link Col.


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