CPU Usage in My Windows XP Tablet PC

By a_kashian ·
Actually I have problem with my CPU Performance on my Fujitsu Tablet PC.. I think this is not CPU or hardware problem. I have Fujitsu T4010 .. it was working all nice..
But I have so many applications and programmes installed on it.
Actually recently in past month, I found that my Tablet PC is always a bit warm..I checked my Task Manager and found that CPU usage frequency is not normal.
When I checked the processes, I found like 10 to 15 processes are called in each 1 or 2 seconds.. like Explorer, Task manager itself, Skype, Yahoo Messener, Opera, iexplorer, outlook express and few other processes.
I thought this could be because in Internet Connection.. I closed my Internet Connection, unpluged my network cable, I killed Yahoo messenger, MSN and Skype processes as well as other possible processes which would give interrupts to CPU each second..
now pc was free of busy activities..still I was looking on CPU usage frequency and it is still busy ?? I don't know why 5-6 processes each time give an interrupt to there any virus which forces applications to make an interrupt? I can't reinstall Windowx Xp.. I have so many things on solutions like Format and new installation is not what I am searching here... I need to know how to find the bug and what makes my CPU Busy.
Here is an screenshot of my CPU usage in Task Manager:
[please copy and post it]
I have googled on CPU analyzer tools or these kind of applications.. most of them are about CPU benchmarking. I don't want to prove to myself that MY cpu is good or not. I want to debug it. I want to know why so many proccess are called each second..some processes just 2 or 3% usage..some like yahoo messenger for 10%.. Task manager 14 to 20%..some Wireless adaptor services, 20% ..I killed all..but a few other proccesses came to work and now they started to produce interrupt to CPU..
I think this is not matter of how many proccesses I have..because even when I kill most of them, still I see CPU is busy.. I checked my friends XP Task Manager...if they don't touch their PC, the average CPU usage is 0 to 1%...!!! so it shows mine is not friend's PC is a busy PC also..we both do Phd on computer technical answers are welcomed....thanks

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to CPU Usage in My Windows X ...

It would be interesting to see a snapshot of the processes running in your tablet PC, one where the processes are sorted in alphabetic sequence, and the other sorted by CPU usage. Then it would be possible to check if any of the processes are unusual.
Here is a site where you can check the information about most processes in Windows:

If you do a search on "process list", watch out for sites offering a 'free spyware scan' or advertising for spyware removal because some of those ads may be for rogue products which produce false positives or they do not work at all, or, in extreme cases, infect your PC with spyware.

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