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cracking exe files

By mithato ·
would you please help me how can I crack some exe files.I want to see the
software of the game "box world".is there any free software to do this work

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by ed61115 In reply to Assuming Intent

Well said Paul!

Could be this persons intent is merely to see how something runs. I can remember 50 years ago, my Father encouraging me to dismantle various (excess items) to determine how things worked.

And for that, I am grateful to my Dad. ~Ed

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Whois that rzan?

by msathyan In reply to Cracking is a felony

Hi Rzan,
Do u know?? Hackers are the real programmers!! Really, who knows the real dip of the software and trys to dig the program. I think there is no harm in doing brainstorming services in the Hacker directory.

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Two sides to every coin.

by Shanghai Sam In reply to cracking exe files

As with every topic there are Pro's and Con's.
A Pro: Works hard to create SOFTWARE. Good or
bad it is their work, their time and effort.
No programmer wants to see others take advantage
of their work. Pay to play!

A con: Works hard at getting something for
nothing. So I ask you, would it be wrong
for you to break into this game? Yes, I am afraid so.

But as for getting advice on any site including this one.
"Yes!" there are many like the ones who toss the sword
of Justice around by saying "get lost", "not here Bozo"
or remind you that the prisons are full of Hackers. I say
no Sir, Hackers have been here from the start of the
Computer History. Their numbers exceed the imagination.
Industrial Spying, Code modifying, Unauthorized Program
Patches and electronic invasion are and will remain.
This does not Justify Hacking or any form of reverse
engineering. If your smart enough to read and understand
all of this. Then You might spend your time learning to
Program Your own game. Source code and Programming
techniques are available for you, FREE!! Who knows one
day you might make a game that I would be interested in
And here's the important part. If your game is then Hacked
into, You will lose money! Money that might support you
while your developing even more software. So try not to
Hack! Just wait until the price comes down, or play it at a
friends house. You can even eat his food, drink his drinks,
and meet new friends. Life is too short to spend in prison.
So I hope you have gotten something out of this.
Go to church pray for your sins, and play the demos
they are free....
If you are offended by my advice, remember you asked me!

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by KRM In reply to Two sides to every coin.

I love all the idiots who assume this guy is a pirate...

If he were a pirate, would he be here asking on this sort of forum?

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If the shoe fits....

by BuffaloDan In reply to Typical

His question was:

how can I take apart this program file that doesn't belong to me...

Theft is theft, irregardless of the perpetrators intent, be that curiosity or piracy.

If copyrighted, it will clearly state that reverse engineering is prohibited by law, and punishable by prison, fine or both.
In copyright law, there is no provision for curiosity or pursuit of knowledge.

So, the individual is asking for assistance in committing a felony, and I don't think this is the web site/forum for that.

Mind you, I am not averse to taking things apart and seeing how they work, it's a major link in the chains of technical evolution...
I'm just not sure that TechRepublic is the right place.

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Nuclear Explosive Device...

by Pandadude In reply to cracking exe files

I'm really interested in how radio-active explosive device works and what the basic construction processes are.
Anyone has any insights to share ? any "drawings", d-classified materials unknown to the world (wink, wink) ?
much appreciated !

Curious Dude

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Moral Equivalence

by McKayTech In reply to Nuclear Explosive Device. ...

So let me get this straight - you're assigning moral equivalence to obtaining information about how to build a lethal device and learning how an entertaining game works?



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by Pandadude In reply to Moral Equivalence

No sir. I'm merely being the thirst for knowledge and curiosity can be all twisted out of ***-umptions, the-devil-inside or just plain ignorance etc.
Hey maybe the Curious Dude has the wish to figure out a way to render nuke weapons...KAPUT.

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But it is available

by dachev In reply to did not get it s ...

Your Curios Dude has just to do a simple search on the internet to get what he wants - this information is widely available, including not only nuclear, but also explosives, poisons and other types of deadly weapons... That's what humanity does best- destroy. Also information on how to crack anything from a simple .exe to a complicated operating system is widely available among with the programs to do it without even knowing how. It is always harder to be on the side of the good.

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Integrity of IT

by Griswaldaus In reply to cracking exe files

The responses to this discussion are very affirming to the IT profession. Let's face it, to a large whack of the population, anyone that can do more than turn on a computer and play Solitaire is a hacker, cracker or pirate.

The pros and cons discussed around this issue shows that IT professions are concerned about issues of legality, intention, freedom of information, etc. All of which have been raised in reponse to a simple request. Let's keep it up!

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