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cracking exe files

By mithato ·
would you please help me how can I crack some exe files.I want to see the
software of the game "box world".is there any free software to do this work

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by Gary Mintz In reply to Integrity of IT

I would be willing to bet that if everyone were totally honest, that no one would be able to say that they have NEVER gotten a copy of ANY type of COPYRIGHTED material. Be it software, music or perhaps a movie. C'mon people, get your heads out of your A$$es. Some idiot, take one person's innocuous question in the search for some type of knowledge, with absolutely no hint or inference of a desire to pirate this material and you guys go nuts. This is why everyone needs to really take a look at the current legislation that may limit your rights and privacy in every area of our lives...not just where technology and the internet are concerned...with zealots like these just making harmless post's can you imagine what the goverment will do?

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I couln't agree more with you!!

by Kima In reply to Hypocrites

Way to go!!!

You are so right, people have been very hypocrites because of a single person trying to acquire knowledge. Again, there is nothing wrong with learning and acquiring knowledge.

Every IT person has performed something illegal along the path, but are to scared of facing the facts. I know they are not paying 400 to 500 dollars to get software in their house, when they can get a copy from work.

Hello, wake up people....

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Where were you in the hacking...

by admin In reply to Hypocrites

discussions here? Instead of just complaining, maybe you should actually help the guy out. I will, if he e-mails me, but I'm not posting general cracking information at Tech Republic. It's the wrong forum for this. As I stated above, it is NOT illegal to crack Boxworld anyway, it's freeware and includes NO restrictions of any kind to do anything with it.
Anyway, if you can, you should help the guy out in addition to complaining.

This is nothing compared to some of the anti-hacking/crackingstuff here, and flaming each other is just going to make it worse and get more legislation we don't want. Basically, if we really don't want the government involved, we need to be policing ourselves and raising awareness. I actually looked for a program that does what I think he is asking -an .exe compiler for non-programmers- and haven't found one to do this, although I used to have one.

Another thing is, boxworld has been programmed in Delphi, c and a number of languagers for TI, Atari, C64 etc. basically I don't know where to send him on this unless he adds more info and when someone is searching for knowledge, this is how they start, they ask questions and keep asking -even when people call them names. Certainly finding the right forum isn't that hard, or replying "Then which one is?" is what someone is going to do. I would be interested to see a future post from him about how he felt, and if he found the info somewhere else.

Actually, if you look at the posts so far, relatively few are condescending, more are supportive, which is reaffirming for me -especially after the recent anti-hacker posts, articles, and advertisements here, which bled into the cracking labels too.
I'm glad to see support for people cracking andhacking, especially legally, but you are right, unless you a total MS technician, all of us have probably had a natural curiousity to see how our programs work.

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by acquiziter In reply to Where were you in the hac ...

So...if it's nothing more than light and magic....go ahead and educate yourself!

I say that if MICROSOFT can supply a hex editor, a reverse-engineering wizard, A debugging monitor, all in a cross-platform compiling / decompiling interface with VISUAL STUDIO ENTERPRISE, I just am at a loss for words with regards the END USER'S AGREEMENT that accompanied it.

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In Depth Look at Executable Code

by tkimbrell In reply to Where were you in the hac ...

Before you get too deep into the executables, you need to establish a little critical path method before diving into enigmatic code. Yes, there are many resources that provide such ways to view these specifics. But it would be to your advantage to do a little research into the "Product" and find out the following before trying to fully understand the code in which it was written.

1. How old the product is.
2. What Language it was written.
3. What resources are available for this forums, SDKs etc.
4. What level of programming expertise is required to grasp that particular language.
5. Does this language have specific hardware requirements to perform any given function.

It seems like an old fashioned approach, but itcan save you much irratation and wasted time. And I wish you well.

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Reversing Roles

by neoblade In reply to Where were you in the hac ...

The world of hacking/cracking is legally wrong but its out there. If we raise awareness about the exact definitions, then maybe it would help, but how many people are going to care are understand. I agree we should police ourselves. However, we should also understand how hacking/cracking work. If we can find the info to crack a program, then we can study how they achieved the results and try to prevent further cracks from surfacing. I have recently seen many articles advocating hacking by network admins to make their systems more secure. With all the hacking in the world today, you would hope by now large corporations would have secure web sites. Instead, we have companies like Microsoft and our own federal government sites getting hacked. People can come up with patches after someone has hacked a site, but let us work instead to find those holes ourselves and fix them before someone with criminal intent comes along and use those holes for their own purpose.

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by Shanghai Sam In reply to cracking exe files

If I need to look inside a file or program I use debug.exe, but you need to have an understanding of Machine or Assembly language when you debug a program. I normally will debug a saved file from a game and not the game itself. You will also need tobe able to do hexadecimal to decimal conversions on the data you see. I'd like to know exactly what do you need to understand from this in case there is an easier way to help you.

To all of the 'Piracy Preachers' on this post, How many of you areNapster users?

I can't tell you how many times debugging data from a game or other application gave me a better understanding of the environment.

Good Luck!

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use a utility like 4dos to view a file

by kevg In reply to Debug.

I use 4DOS by JP SOFTWARE to view a file. Another way is using a hex convertor like Nortons Disk Edit.
Many times I've found that there are undocumented switches within the .exe
Usually the text info is about 95-98% down the file.

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Help for crackers

by Shanghai Sam In reply to cracking exe files

So what? Let them learn you say? Knowledge is good? But one day you will write a game and he will crack it and make it available to the world for free, or you will set a network and he will come and takeover it. Once they learn how to do it they always want more and more. And there are so much "proffesionals" out there taking care of great servers and puting Windows on them! Do you know how much powerfull machines with 20-30 Mb traffic actually belong to crackers, instead of their administrators? I had pissed-off some stupid kid and he trowed 4Mb flood at my net just for fun. He, alone, with 33600 dial-up line from home. My net doesn't have 4Mb traffic. Do you know how much is the cost of 4Mb international traffic? And do you know how muchmoney can a certain company loose from being off-line for a minute? And this is because people like you give knowledge away, because it is good. I will give any knowledge I have to anyone, but only if he has deserved it. I have spend 10 years getingto know something and he wants to take it for a month... He can, but he will not learn how to use it and will start doing destruction. And if you still do not believe it, I can show you 40 Megs of logs full with every sort of destructive attempt which is proven to be effective against some kind of an operating system or software. I have 1000+ different IPs from the whole world loged while attempting to crack my servers and all this just because I pissed-off a kid. Now that is what knowledge brings. (Btw the whole thing stoped when we finally found the phone of his father and called him...)

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RE: Help for crackers

by Kima In reply to Help for crackers

For your information there is nothing wrong with acquiring knowledge. As for giving out knowledge, let me tell you that this has been on the internet longer than you can think of.

Whether we give it here or we tell them how to do it, is not new.Do we have control of what they do with this resources, unfortunatedly we don't but there is nothing we can do. Even if you don't talk about it the information is already there and there are thousands of websites that provide it at no charge for free.

Yes, if you **** somebody off, they'll do everything to get you, just if you were on the street and somebody did something to you, the first thing that comes to mind is revenge (human psychology).

Lost of wages and time yes I agree with you, but that's why you should have a SECURITY in place and for your information HACKING your own website to find vulnerabilities is not illegal. So why don't you try revising all your security settings and find a HACKER that can get in and tell you how it was done.

As a matter of fact E-Week magazine did a competition of hackers around the world to hack a site and perform exactly what they told them and tell them how they did it. There was cash money for the person that was able to hack it and give a thru explanation of how it was done.

Maybe you should think about that. The final approach their security was so tight that hackers couldn't get in on all the servers. Check it out....

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