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cracking exe files

By mithato ·
would you please help me how can I crack some exe files.I want to see the
software of the game "box world".is there any free software to do this work

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Re Re

by dachev In reply to RE: Help for crackers

Look - the fact that I am able to show you those 40Mb of logs means that they did not succeed. Nobody was able to break my security - never. But it is anoying and I am in fact paranoid as everyone who handles security must be. And I know the true - the information is everywhere... I just do not agree that this is right, and I tryed to explain why. That is all.

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Re: Dachev

by Kima In reply to Re Re

Congratulations for setting up such a good SECURITY, keep it up.

All I can said is that you just have to keep up with it, if you still concern about your security, HACK YOUR OWN NETWORK and find the loops. That's all HACKERS do, find holes in the SECURITY implemented.

A good Administrator will be concern about the SECURITY of its networks and try to HACK IT ITSELF, if a high school student can do it then why can't you.....

Pretty simple, HACKERS will always be there whether they are WHITE or BLACK hackers. You don't need to worry about WHITE they don't intend anything malicious but you do have to worry about BLACK HACKERS they into it more for destroying and getting info than just for FUN or TRAINING....

The information isalways available in many,many languages, trust me I read in multiple languages (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian & English) and is all there....Simple Tutorials to follow on how to HACK a site....and there is no way to stop this info from being inseminated around the world because many people feel like me KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!!!

The only concern is who gets the info and what are they thinking on doing with it!!! Unfortunadtly we don't have control of what people do with the is provided for educational purposes...

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After reading several replies to this...

by pigpen_zzz In reply to cracking exe files

... I couln't help but think to myself - "what a comical bunch of sanctimonious
overeducated sh*t-heads"!

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My 2 cents...

by Bigley In reply to After reading several rep ...

Well the last poster need not worry about being called a "sanctimonious overeducated" anything...

I really don't understand anyone aversion to people wanting to learn. When I started working on computers we all learned from one another, back whenthe term hacker was a badge of honour. Now it seems people want to hoard their knowledge for fear of loosing the almighty dollar. There's more to life than money. True you need money to live, but you need not live for money.

Reverse engineering has been going on in this industry since the beginning. Check out the history of where this great culture and you will find that the clone companies were all founded on reverse engineering, so don't knock it, else we would be living in an IBM/Microsoft world. Remember Linux is a product of reverse engineering.

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Something Other then MS

by kandrew In reply to My 2 cents...

Microsoft's [NASDAQ:MSFT] controversial new scheme for licensing its software, announced worldwide last week, will see many business users paying more - and more often.

Under schemes to be introduced from Oct.1, organizations with more than 250 seats will be encouraged to lease their software under three-year agreements, rather than buy it. In return, they'll get automatic upgrades, without additional charge.

I wonder if we can talk about something useful such as the above headline.

It's not that the cost of a Microsoft product isn?t all ready too much, now they want to add an even greater cost to the ownership.
Don?t get me wrong here I have supported Microsoft and sadly will continue to support the efforts on making a betterproduct if only because they are the only game in town right now, but when I read the headline above it seems to me that perhaps it's time to find something else other then MS.
So to the Kid that asked the question maybe he will be the one to create a better something other then MS.
I can?t help but to get the feeling that someone in the chain of command at MS has become one byte short of a full Meg.

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So was MSDOS

by BuffaloDan In reply to My 2 cents...

and windows, ****, I dont think microsoft EVER had an original Idea...

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Don't waste our time !

by Shanghai Sam In reply to After reading several rep ...

You do not belong here.

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Take it somewhere else...

I wouldn't consider myself a Hacker or a cracker, yes I own a couple of disassemblers, and I have my reasons for those that do not go against legal reasoning. regardless of my reasons...
take this conversation somewhere else before your user profile becomes deleted.
Tech Republic is, yes indeed, a place to share knowledge, and I agree that some of this needs to be shared.
BUT prior to getting into where to get hacking programs and specifics and etc., it should leave. This discussion should not be seen by the general public. It causes fear and paranoia. and people seems to forget that 'locks only keep honest people honest' there is always a way around.
Thank you,

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