crashed HDD, cant recognize

By mikejamal ·
my laptop crashed and i pulled the HDD out and connected via usb to my new laptop, but im getting nothing.

it registers as a usb disk drive in device manager, but nothing in "my copmuter" in disk manager, it shows as disk 1, but syas it needs to be initialized, but when i try that it says "device not ready".

in diskpart, it shows as disk 1, but when i try to create a primary partition, it says "device not ready".

im just looking for other possibilities on how to fix it. i know, at this point, its kind of a long shot unless im willing to fork out money to have it professionally fixed, which im not.

thanks, yall

usb HDD is hitachi travelstar

laptop is running Windows 7

usb connector has external power supply

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Well supposedly the reasoning is

by OH Smeg In reply to freezer thing

That the Cold causes things to shrink and stops the electronics overheating and failing.

Can't say that I ever totally believed that reason but on occasions it does work. The down side is that it's a Last Resort and you are unlikely to be able to use the drive ever again if it does work so you need to get it really cold and build in reserves of Cold to stop it dieing when it gets hot enough to stop working.

Hence I used some Dry Ice over a Dyeing HDD to keep it cold enough to get the data off it once. I have had drives heat up while cold and just stop working so that's it.

But if you have not yet tested this on a XP System to see if it's a Formatting Issue you can as suggested above use a Live Linux to Boot From in your 7 System and read the data off the external Drive onto either the Internal Drive or a USB Storage Device.

You can get a Live Linux which runs off the CD from your Local News Agent as a Cover Disc on a Linux Mag or download from here

There are lots to chose from but my personal favorite is Knoppix which really is a Must Have in any Tech's Tool Box.


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by mikejamal In reply to Well supposedly the reaso ...

i have only minor knowledge and little experience witrh knoppix, though i do have boot cds to use...what are the commands to use once in the knoppix command prompt (i forget what its called in knoppix)?

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Prevailing view: Linux is all CLI. No.

by cmatthews In reply to knoppix

Just use gparted as root.

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Toss in a couple of silica gel packs.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to freezer thing

As the temperature drops, any moisture in air will begin to condense. You need the silica gel to absorb it, or else the condensation will freeze and expand and then you're really screwed.

And yes, I know this is now a zombie, but I wanted to get this appended in case someone else needs to try it.

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linux live system recovery

by blackepyon01 In reply to crashed HDD, cant recogni ...

Try piggy-backing to a live linux system (I use Ubuntu) or use a linux boot disk live enviroment. Linux can see mucked up partitions long after Windows and Mac loose them, as long as the partition still exists.
From there, you should be able to recover the data onto another drive.

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Before you put it in the freezer...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to crashed HDD, cant recogni ...

Get hold of another similar drive (same make and model) and unscrew the plastic controller plate. Get hold of the new drive and do the same (make sure you do not mix the two controller plates up). Now fix the new controller plate to your old drive and then connect it.
Hopefully you should now be able to pull off the data. When finished, replace the controller plate back to your new drive.
Check also your SATA cable(s) or try new ones just in case.

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