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Create dynamic images with SVG and XSL

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
Now that you?ve learned the basics, tell us how you plan to use SVG in your next project.

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How to generate SVG without Java

by hank.simon In reply to Create dynamic images wit ...

This is a great article and easy to follow, but I'm not a Java programmer. Is there a way to do the same thing with JavaScript, ActiveX, XSLT?

Clearly, if I don't need Java, I already have methods to do mouseOver for color, shape, and URL changesat runtime.

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Real-time trend chart from measurements?

by swbyang In reply to Create dynamic images wit ...

Brian's and other guru's article are very interesting and educational. As an Electrical Engineer, I like to display live measurement data (i.e. power and energy from a solar panel) in a browser.
The data will come from 'legacy' devices with RS232interface streamed into a serial port.
Is there some script to create a trend chart from
that ascii stream representing measurement(s) of
a few parameters at minute or 15-minute intervals.

Thanks for enlightenning me.

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Re: Create dynamic images with SVG / XSL

by calvin.goodrich In reply to Create dynamic images wit ...

I'm not sure that SVG is as widely available as Brian makes out. In the recent past I built an application that used SVG to render dynamic charts. Because not all browsers have SVG support (I.E. has it but an outdated version) and because the procedure for installing it is relatively non-trivial for the average user, I had to shelve the idea of using SVG.

Perhaps in the future, when SVG is more prevalent, I'll consider using SVG again. SVG represents a quantum leap forward in presentation technology (especially with embedded JavaScript'ing). Unfortunately, as with a lot of great technologies, it's just a little too far ahead of it's time.


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SVG inches forward to most browsers

by hank.simon In reply to Re: Create dynamic images ...

We use SVG for interfaces, because we can couple it with DHTML. We haven't been able to make dynamic images with JavaScript, only Java. However, the Adobe plugin is fairly straightforward and it installs in Netscape and IE simultaneously. In addition, it allows a stylized XSLT within an SVG file in older versions of NN.

- Hank

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My idea of using SVG in next project

by Alias ka reply In reply to Create dynamic images wit ...

In web applications the images remains same but the text will change. Our designer need to create only one image rest of the images will be created using SVG and XSL.

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Which is the best software to do it?

by marsiasnet In reply to Create dynamic images wit ...

I have found contradictions in the information about it, so I am not sure at all.

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