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Criteria of Team Work Player

By abc098 ·
Dear friends,

Recently I have technical arguments with IT staff from different department relating to DNS. We are a not a large organization, but we have a deep hierarchical organization structure.

I admit that I do not have the quality of a good team work player though I have the technical skill required to administer all of the DNS servers in this organizations.

What is the criteria of a good quality team work player ? How am I suppose to improve myself in a team ?

Or is there are some "trigger keywords" being used doing the argument that make the argument heated ?

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You bring a problem

by myke.devlin In reply to Criteria of Team Work Pla ...

and you also bring a solution.

Watch your reaction to other's opinions. Act interest.

There is a book call "Getting to Yes". It's paperback. I can't remember the author but I'm sure you can google it.

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Just a few points...

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Criteria of Team Work Pla ...

Was the team dynamics OK until DNS Day?

Is it not the fact that you are the DNS Admin and it is DNS that is up for outsourcing that is the main problem here?

Had it been another service would you be so brassed off?

DNS is your baby and only you know what should be done with it?

Just questions to think about - not sure if they are 100% relevant.

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Being a good team player

by Too Old For IT In reply to Criteria of Team Work Pla ...

Being a good team player is nothing more than doing 110%, and making sure that the slackers and your boss take all the credit.

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