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Critique of private web site, please.

By CharlieSpencer ·
Hey, y'all! Any suggestions on how to improve the readability or layout of this site? I'm primarily concerned with the page below; any of the linked pages are of secondary concern.

I'm not concerned with passing W3C tests or the cleanliness of the HTML. The audience for this site is less than 30 people, and all can display the current version of this home page without any problem.

Thanks in advance.

Edited - and I already intend to lose the 'checkerboard slide' effect when the page loads.

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A few ideas...

by NexS In reply to Critique of private web s ...

- Group months with a border of 1 or 2 (helps with decipherability)
- perhaps separate the draw from the rest of the data/links (ie: wrap a coloured div or table around each 'section' of the page)
- Make the href's noticeably different to everything else (as in Vincent Flanders' tutorials, Mystery meat navigation is major turn-off)

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Too much all on one page...

by dawgit In reply to Critique of private web s ...

I would used the boxes on the left of what is now the top of the page as link boxes to other pages (now as 'scroll down') I see at least three separate web pages trying to be one page. I think a lot of your worries will be over if you'd split them up as separate pages.
IMHO (& my 2? cents)-d

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Yup....I see that also. [NT]

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Too much all on one page. ...
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As a player

by Michael Jay In reply to Critique of private web s ...

I found the old layout ok, and the new layout looks fine as well, the busyness that some refer to is not so busy to me as I have looked at the site for quite a while.

The only improvements I can offer is that I need to be higher in the points, at 1000+ out of first that sucks, my fault, and the Pocono race is August 1 not August 21.

All in all it is a usable site and since I go there almost each week I am used to it, and it works for me, aside from my bad picks.

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