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currupt maxtor hard drive

By beronda ·
I have got into problems, my hard drive can't be accessed coz it has been currupted, any ideas on how i can revive it up

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Freeze - Drop -

by picturethat In reply to currupt maxtor hard drive

These should only be tryed if the drive is not spinning!!!

I have had great success with Get Data Back from the following website.

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WARNING! Be careful of some advice...

by Data Ninja In reply to currupt maxtor hard drive

Beware of posts telling you how to do data recovery! Drives can be very sensitive and further damage can be done if you go too far with some of the suggestions that I have read here.

I have worked with Maxtor drives, and the symptom you describe tells me the drive is most likely on the virge of failure (even though the diagnostics you ran showed it to be good).

This is a perfect time to prevent further loss of the data. I am currently working with a similar Maxtor 60gb drive that passes all the tests, but when you attempt to actually use it, it locks up or gives an error. What is happening is that when the OS tries to load files/read from the drive but it times out before the data is successfully read, whereas the diagnostics gives more read re-tries that allow it to pass.

I am able to image the drive to a good drive and the data is then fully accessible and often fully functional when placed back into the PC, or I can burn your data to CD/DVD and the revive the old hard drive (sometimes with a "low level" format).

You can get more info from me by calling toll free at 1-877-872-7381 or email at (remove the -nospam to use this email).

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Here's a utility

by dbucyk In reply to currupt maxtor hard drive

Drive to find a copy of Drive Pro. The friend I used to know has a copy. He obtained it from the U.S.

He can fix corrupted hard drives easily with that utility.

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by Aaron A Baker In reply to currupt maxtor hard drive

A Good Way to retrieve a hard drive is the following method. At least "This has been my experience", I've used it often.
1: Goto and download MAXTOR MAXBLASTER for Dos and/or Windows.
2; Take your Hard Drive off and set in up as a "slave drive". Put in on another system, possibly a friends "IT MUST ALSO HAVE A MAXTOR DRIVE.",or it will want to "OVERLAY" DON"T DO IT!!
3; His system, being Maxtor,"should" recognize it as just another Hard Drive.
This put's you in the position of being able to transfer all your files to your friend computer into a folder in your name.
4;Take out your hard drive again and set it up as a MASTER and then place back in his computer as the Second Primay IDE.It should read it as as Second drive. {This may foul up you friend's drive letter order,} but it's only temporary.Once you're out, he'll restart and come back to normal.
5; Then Install the MAXBLASTER for Windowns into your friend's Computer and completely reformat and partition your hard Drive.I strongly advise Partitions.Make sure that it's set to a "Bootable Drive" Fat32,not a an add on.The maxblaster should recognize your Hard Drive but just in case, it's a good idea to have all the information written down before you start. ie; Model number,capacity etc.
6; Re-install your hard Drive into your own Computer and then Re-install your Own Windows Program.
This then, is the Basis of your hard drive.
You will have not only formatted and partitioned your drive but will also have restructed the Hard drive directory itself, thus setting it up as a new one.
7; Put it back in your friend's Computer as a Slave again and copy back all your files.
8; The only other alternative is that you simply get the Maxblaster, put it your own computer and do a complete reformat and setup all from your own Computer. Of course then, you lose everything and start new.
It's up to you.
No question that this is a long, tiresome and tedious method but it's the one that has always best for me.
Good things don't always come easy.
Good Luck
Aaron A Baker

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SpinRite now works with ntfs, lunix, etc...

by rwillett In reply to A GOOD WAY TO RETRIEVE

A good site I like to use is located at which is Gibson Research Corp. They have some FreeWare, but SpinRite is not free. I believe it is about the best for anything drive related.

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Thank you

by Aaron A Baker In reply to SpinRite now works with n ...

Thanks for the info, I'll look it up.
Always interested in new ways of doing things.
It's much appreciated.
Aaron A Baker

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by Aaron A Baker In reply to currupt maxtor hard drive

Is it possible that you're setting you're byte ratio read too small. It can be set at 1024,2048, etc.
IS it possible that the read isn't big enough to take in all the info required for a start up?
Although you state you haven't formatted or re-sectioned the possiblilty, however remote may still exist. But I'm not sure that there is a better way to do anything if the Drive in on the verge. The main thing is then, to get your programs off there asap. The best way for me is still to put it on another computer as a slave and copy everything over. Then at least you have your data.
Good Luck.
I just LOVE the Freezer Drop.

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by JohnnyBoyClub In reply to currupt maxtor hard drive

You should try inserting your windows setup and run a chkdsk and see if it will work , also a good bootable recovery disk is Hiren's .
From now one to avoid any loose of your data you should use to backup your data ( the software is free ) and store it only on their servers.

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