cursor moves to bottom right corner

By eastsidepraise ·
I have a new hp pavilion tx2000 with vista home premium my cursor will randomly move to the bottom right hand corner (taskbar)It does it in both duel monitor and single. I have checked and unchecked everything in mouse properties, its getting quite old....HELP.

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unplugging works

by jdr280 In reply to Power Supply

Hi Magadan, thank you for that tip, it solves the problem on my pc, though of course only temporarily. I also have a tx2000 hp pavilion, os win 7 x64.

I don't remember having this problem when I still had Vista.

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Tilt the monitor away from the keypad

by Magadan In reply to unplugging works

Hi jdr280,

I did more searching on the net and found that the underlying problem is static energy interference. They said to discharge the laptop static power by powering it down, unplugging it and removing the battery, finally hold the power button down for 60secs or more. Place back the battery and power up the laptop as normal. This did not work for me!

The other solution that worked for me is to tilt the monitor away from the keypad of the laptop when the cursor is behaving erratic. It is a bit uncomfortable to work with but it works. After a while u can tilt it back to your liking and the problem stays away.


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by jdr280 In reply to Tilt the monitor away fro ...

Thank you, at least now I know what the source is and how to handle the symptoms.

The conclusion is that I will never buy an HP notebook again. This notebook seemed so promising but there are too many annoying little defects.

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HP Pavilion tx2000

by rebeccajbarber In reply to hp...

Thank you every one who posted on this annoying curser issue. I was having the same problem. I have been unplugging the laptop now and it works a dream!
One thing through would using the laptop on an antistatic mat work to stop the issue from happening? If so ill go out and buy one but don?t have one to test with!

The laptop will still over heat still and randomly switch off which is frustrating! So if anyone knows how I can prevent that let me know! At the moment I?m using a belkin cushy which helps a little may go back to the chunky battery that tilts the machine to help the air circulate that little bit more!

Once again big thank you

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*update* yes! it's the power supply!

by dirtyvu In reply to cursor moves to bottom ri ...

I was having this really annoying problem on my HP TX2000 laptop. The cursor would instantly jump to the lower right corner of the screen. The solution of unplugging the power supply works. However, I swapped out the power supply for a new one and the problem is gone. So it's a faulty power supply.

In my case, it may be because I have multiple HP laptops and accidentally interchanged the power supplies. While the plug fits and the laptop battery charges with a mismatched power supply, maybe the differences between the laptops is enough to cause this problem.

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