Cursor trouble with Acer 4222 laptop

By gadgetgirl ·
Yep, sorry guys, it's me again.

I've done a rebuild on the laptop yet again, after it began running like the proverbial bag of hammers. It also didn't believe I had any USB ports, even though I was pointing them out to it at the time.......

One of the main reasons I did the "flatten and start again" process was because of a consistently hyperactive and hypersensitive cursor. I can be typing away and look up to find that either the cursor has jumped a few lines, is in the wrong place, or it's obliterated all that I've just typed. For a speed typist, you have NO idea how annoying this is. I type 10 characters and have to go back and backspace 3 out, infill, go backspace another 2 out... well, you get the idea.

Having known of this issue, I didn't use the old driver I had for the touchpad on my backup driver disc, but downloaded an updated version from the Acer site. It's still doing it.

I've googled about, and have found one solution which has worked for one person but won't work for me: go into the keyboard settings and desensitise down as far as it will go. Great. Providing you don't speed type....

Any solutions or points in the approximate direction will be awarded numerous thumbs: this is keeping me from writing long explanatory, sympathetic and hello emails to a lot of people out there.

Acer 4222 wmli, with XP SP3, 4Gb ram, 80G hdd, and nutty as a fruitcake cursor....

thanks in advance for attempting to restore my sanity, and rescuing my double glazing from being demolished......


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Yup, did.

by gadgetgirl In reply to If, as I advised her awhi ...

Have you SEEN the amount of complaints on the Acer forums about their e-software?!


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Useful shortcut!

by gadgetgirl In reply to I found a Google hit that ...

Didn't know about that shortcut..... doesn't appear in any help files..... - thanks, sweetie.

However, Boxy is right. I ditched the eRecovery ages ago. It was more trouble than it was worth. It never worked correctly (that's not just me, but the majority of Acer users) and slowed the entire unit down to a crawl.

The other problem with it was that if you used the eSecure part of it - to maintain the confidentiality of your files etc - it had a nasty habit of unsetting or resetting the password at odd intervals, rendering the whole of the My Documents folder invalid and inaccesible. Wonderful. According to one forum I was on, it took one guy $400+ to get his own stuff back, and he was in the middle of suing Acer.....

However, giving that time allows tonite, I'll be trying the F7 bit. May work for me - if it stops the curser jumping whilst I'm typing that'll do fine. I can always put the touchpad back on when I'm surfing....

Thank you again, babz


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