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By Info-Safety, LLC ·
The following is a verbatim discussion with a Wall Street Journal customer service representative:

Me: My paper has been delivered erratically over the past week.

WSJ: Define "erratically."

Me: Last Thursday it didn't come at all. On Friday and Monday it was delivered only to the other side of the bridge, and the Monday edition was someone else's. Tuesday, I received Thursday's missing issue.

WSJ: What bridge?

Me: The bridge leading to my home.

WSJ: Is it a toll bridge? Is it dangerous to leave papers there?

Me: It's a small bridge I own that accesses my property.

WSJ: Is it safe?

Me: I've driven over it 40,000 times. Fire engines can cross it. 18-wheelers have crossed it.

WSJ: But is it safe?

Me: Yes

WSJ: Okay, then why was someone else standing on it on Monday?

Me: No one was there on Monday.

WSJ: You said, "Someone else had a paper there on Monday."

Me: No, no, the paper belonged to someone else.

WSJ: Do other people use the bridge? Perhaps they are taking your paper.

Me: The paper has always been delivered to my door.

WSJ: Well, is the bridge new?

Me: NO!!!

WSJ: Sir, there is no need to become angry. We will credit you with a full week's extension on your subscription. Is that satisfactory?

Me: Yes, okay.

WSJ: Please be advised that we can't guarantee future deliveries until you get the bridge fixed.

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I'm sure

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Are you sure?
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WSJ & Verizon - Cut from the same bolt?

by deepsand In reply to Are you sure?

I believe him, because, if I simply change the names of companies, the service to be provided, etc., it's eerily like an ON-LINE "call" that I made fairly recently to Verizon Tech. Support re. my DSL Router/Bridge, which began with the "are you sure it's turned on" question, and went downhill from there.

Did they think that I was using a tin can & string for my i-net connection?

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Re: Cut from the same bolt?

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to WSJ & Verizon - Cut from ...

It seems that a lot of companies are cut from the same bolt of cloth. Perhaps they should change the name of their call center to "Customer Contempt."

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And then, the "Customer Consultants" become ..

by deepsand In reply to Re: Cut from the same bol ...

"Customer Insulters."

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Well you have to admit

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to And then, the "Customer C ...

That it would be a better description than the one that they currently have don't you? :)

I just love the way it is expected by the "Customer Support" person that they know far more about a problem than you ever could hope to understand and you being one of the unwashed masses are calling them just to annoy them with stupid requests when you can not be bothered to read the installation procedures that they went to so much trouble to send you in the first place. It doesn't matter that the printed bit of paper that tells you to read first has no reference to page XYZ of the book but tells you to use a CD that comes with the Modem/Router which has absolutely nothing at all to do with the installation but is connected to the cheaper unit with the USB connection which you didn't get.

After all you are supposed to know the difference and when the ISP provides you with something more than the printed book that comes with the Modem/Router you naturally know that it doesn't apply to the unit but to something that you have not got and you never read the books anyway so they could just take them out of the package when they put in the piece of paper.

Col ]:)

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Yup. And, don't even think about asking for the missings docs.

by deepsand In reply to Well you have to admit

If you do succeed in getting past the initial "there is such model no." reply, you're then told that either there is none, or it is not available to end-users!

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I suggest that you immediately stop using the bridge.

by deepsand In reply to Customer service

After all, if you can't rely on WSJ Cust. Svc. to evaluate its condition, then who?

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Bridge washed out

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to I suggest that you immedi ...

With all the recent rain, the bridge has been washed out. WSJ is sending a bridge salesman first thing Monday am.

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Just make sure that he brings the paper too.

by deepsand In reply to Bridge washed out

Your post here reminds me of why it is that I now read the WSJ at the library, rather than at home; at the library, there's likely to be at least a portion of it to be found.

I did, however, need to learn to avoid one library in particular, located in a predominately Jewish township. (No offense intended guys; I'm just reporting the facts.)

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Wrong contact

by Oz_Media In reply to Customer service

You were probably talking to the senior editor.

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