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By Info-Safety, LLC ·
The following is a verbatim discussion with a Wall Street Journal customer service representative:

Me: My paper has been delivered erratically over the past week.

WSJ: Define "erratically."

Me: Last Thursday it didn't come at all. On Friday and Monday it was delivered only to the other side of the bridge, and the Monday edition was someone else's. Tuesday, I received Thursday's missing issue.

WSJ: What bridge?

Me: The bridge leading to my home.

WSJ: Is it a toll bridge? Is it dangerous to leave papers there?

Me: It's a small bridge I own that accesses my property.

WSJ: Is it safe?

Me: I've driven over it 40,000 times. Fire engines can cross it. 18-wheelers have crossed it.

WSJ: But is it safe?

Me: Yes

WSJ: Okay, then why was someone else standing on it on Monday?

Me: No one was there on Monday.

WSJ: You said, "Someone else had a paper there on Monday."

Me: No, no, the paper belonged to someone else.

WSJ: Do other people use the bridge? Perhaps they are taking your paper.

Me: The paper has always been delivered to my door.

WSJ: Well, is the bridge new?

Me: NO!!!

WSJ: Sir, there is no need to become angry. We will credit you with a full week's extension on your subscription. Is that satisfactory?

Me: Yes, okay.

WSJ: Please be advised that we can't guarantee future deliveries until you get the bridge fixed.

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Re: wrong contact

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Wrong contact

Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I was waiting for the bridge salesman to arrive from Bangalore.

The person I originally spoke with identified himself as "G," but I heard someone in the background address him as "Mr. Marx."

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Some customer service!

by ma.merdekah In reply to Customer service

This is another classic account of a transactiona between a customer and a customer service representative. Many times, it's the customer who is made to appear silly or even foolish. As a customer, I'd hate to be put in a situation like that. That's why I wish companies monitor their representatives well, and truly give value to every transaction with their customers.


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