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By FluxIt ·
Humans are adding computing devices to thier bodies in the form of transplants, prosthetics, and convenience features. In the meantime, genetic engineering, cloning, and robotics are developing biological organs for the machine framework. The gap is closing between what is machine and what is man.

At the same time, science and theology are merging into a single understanding through intelligent design of the Universe.

I wonder if the Anti-Christ will be manufactured by man and not be a natural born human. The Anti-Christ is said to be extremely charismatic and intelligent. Could it be that he is a cyborg of some sort.

There seems to be support for this in the Bible when it talks about the Book of Life. It appears that those humans and others not written will be cast into the lake of fire. The Anti-Christ will be cast alive in the lake of fire.

It is spooky to think that man could manufacture the anti-christ but it makes sense.

Think about the killer bee. They are all around us right now. We cannot tell it appart from a regular bee UNTIL it attacks!

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by FluxIt In reply to Sick and twisted

1. Where did I say Roosevelt was a the one world order anti-christ in this thread?

2. The United Nations Biodiversity Treaty (ratified in 1993) has over 167 nations including the US turning management of the parks over to the UN. US tax payers then pay taxes to the UN to maintain the parks in the US. The point of the treaty is that the world eco system belongs to the world community and its intent is to reduce national soverneigty. It is a quiet attempt at gaining control over the nations.

3. You are incorrect about NAFTA. Yes it began under Reagan but its intent was to increase the wage in Mexico and get US management into the manufacturing plants down there so that the Border issues could be better handled. Reagan was not a new World Order proponent. He was a Presbytarian Optimist who spoke of the Shining City - the new Jerusalem. Since that time NAFTA has undergone many changes that now diverge from its original goals.

My rant? I find it difficult to discuss religion with people who have not studied the Hermenuetics and Apologetics to understand the Faiths correctly and from a science viewpoint. They tend resort to emotional pleas.

I am not certain which Golden Rule you are speaking of but Yes I did read 'The Golden Ratio' by Mario Livio. The Golden Rule, Golden Ratio, and Universal Beauty Number are one and the same = 1:1.618. I can talk at depth about the order of the Universe and Intelligent design.

Yes the Message of the Judeo/Christian Bible is fundamentally love and the entire Bible can be summed up in two verses: Duet 6:5 and Lev 19:18.

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Your response

by JamesRL In reply to HUH?

1. You blamed NEA - maybe I have my acronyms wrong but I thought you were blaming Roosevelts economic recovery plans.

2. Show me one cent of money that is being transferred from the UN to any of the designated parks. Perhaps a plaque was paid for. I have visited a Canadian site so designated, and surpise suprise, its all still supported and run by the Canadian government. The UN does not have any say in how the park is run. The program is more like a Nobel prize - the committe sets up a criteria, the governments nominate, and the committee designates the parks if they meet the criteria. Then the local government gets to use the designation to help promote the park.

3. You are incorrect in your assumption about the orgins of NAFTA. If you were correct, why was Mexico not considered in the first round - the Canada US round. And don't think that it was Canada pushing for NAFTA - when the Progressive Conservative Party(republican equivalents) chose their leader, the winner and the runner up were both against free trade. The winner became the Prime Minister(Mulroney), established a close and personal relationship with Reagan, and voila, NAFTA negotiations began. Mexico was considered years later.

My problem with your rant - you dismiss those who haven't the same background as non-intellectual thinkers - thats strikes me as arrogant.

The Golden Rule - in every protestant church I have attended, its do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. It also has its equivalent in virtually every major religion.


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by FluxIt In reply to Your response

1. NEA ? National Education Association.

Circa 1946, Joy Elmer Morgan of the NEA writes: ?In the Struggle to establish an adequate world government, the teacher? can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for global understanding and cooperation? At the very heart of all the agencies which will assure the coming of world government must stand the school, the teacher, and the organized profession.?

Circa 1947, The American Education Fellowship calls for the: ?? establishment of a genuine world order, an order in which national sovereignty is subordinate to world authority.?

Circa 1975, US Congress signs a ?World Declaration of Independence?. Congresswoman Holt refuses to sign remarking, ?It calls for the surrender of our national sovereignty to international organizations. It declares that our economy should be regulated by international authorities. It proposes that we enter a new world order that would redistribute the wealth created by the American people.?

2. Regarding NAFTA, I am not making assumptions. I lived in San Diego at the time working in mfg. I read the original NAFTA treaty IRT Mexico. NAFTA original inception was to bring the wage up in Mexico and reduce the incentive for illegal immigration as well as to get US leadership into Mexico?s poorly managed mfg plants. There were many issues. Mexican truck drivers were able to drive 250 miles into the US but US truckers could only go 5 miles into Mexico. Mfg mgt had to be Mexican and the original issues persisted.

You are referring to the summit on 01Jan89 in which trade barriers were dropped with Canada under CUSTA. Mexico liked the idea and there was a Toronto summit in **. Then everything got incorporated into NAFTA when on Jul 18, 1993, Henry Kissinger writes regarding NAFTA; ?What congress will have before it is not a conventional trade agreement but the architecture of a new international system? a first step towards a new world order.? This is a marked departure from NAFTA?s original inception. It is now being used to form a regional economic center of influence and weaken national sovereignty.

3. The Biodiversity Treaty website and treaty text: Article 20 states that developed nations shall provide funding and financial resources ? meaning a tax.

4. Your problem with my rant is you. You desire to be heard. I regret that you think I am arrogant. My experience has demonstrated the people are more emotional the intellectual.

5. The Bible is a tool box of principles, not rules, to be used in the course of life. Principles are different than rules. A principle is timeless whereas rules fall short and new rules need to be written as changing conditions emerge. Nearly every principle has an ancillary principle. If David followed the ?Golden Rule? of Matt 7:12 to Goliath would he have achieved his goal of victory? It is a balancing act that requires Christian growth to learn how and when to employ the principles. Unfortunately, churches fail miserably at training Christians when churches only teach on Sunday.

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by FluxIt In reply to CYBORGS: NATURAL VS SYNTH ...

It is something out of a sci-fi horror movie. Synthetic Cyborgs become annoyed with natural man and decide to change things.

Can man manufacture an intelligent machine or being that far exceeds his own intelligence, resistance to defects / diseases, or charisma? Could they be out there now?

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The Uncanny Valley

by Salamander In reply to WILL CYBORGS ATTACK?

I would question whether we, in the foreseeable future, could build an *entirely* or even *mostly* artificial being possessing charisma.

1. In order for an artificial creature to possess charisma, I'd argue that there would have to be a base human component (such as the idea of the cyborg). Assuming that we cannot program or artificially construct "charisma," there would presumably be something human in it that possesses charisma to begin with.

2. "The Uncanny Valley"...the idea in robotics that humans respond to and find likeable machines that *slightly* or *generally* resemble humans. Masahiro Moto observed that the more human his machines appeared, the more humans liked them...up to a point. When they become *too* lifelike, humans become turned off. When we create reproductions of humans, through special effects or machines that are *too* close to human in appearance, science has shown that there is a repellant effect generated. In other words, we will find machines appealing that are 40% human-seeming, but be repelled by machines that are 95% human-seeming.

3. It follows that the more human an artificial creation attempts to be, the less appealing other humans will find it after that point is reached. Artificialness decreases charisma in "The Uncanny Valley."

4. So, for a partly-artificial creature to retain its human charisma, I'm assuming that very little modification would be permitted until it crosses into "The Uncanny Valley" and loses its charisma.

So...could we make one smarter, stronger, more resistant? Potentially, someday. But without having that last component of charisma, I think that the chances of such a being becoming a leader using anything other than brute force are pretty slim.

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by FluxIt In reply to The Uncanny Valley

An ordinary human was cloned and then enhanced via Genetic engineering. Improved eyes, prosthetics, and hearing devices were added. We could have a human like thing that possesses charisma, intelligence, and other human like qualities but we may never know the difference.

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by Choppit In reply to CYBORGS: NATURAL VS SYNTH ...

Perhaps a future version of Windows will be used (Windows AC embedded maybe?)

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by FluxIt In reply to Windows

Could it be that Bill Gates and Gates of ? are in cohoots?

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Microsoft =

by house In reply to GATES?

Microsoft =

My Incarnate Comes Ready, Offering Salvation, Only For Trust!

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by Choppit In reply to Microsoft =

Press Ctrl + Alt + Exorcise

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