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Damn, 24 pieces of spam in one minute...

By AnsuGisalas ·
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Took me two minutes to flag em all, too!

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Spam versus meaningless and nonsensical postings

by maxwell edison In reply to Damn, 24 pieces of spam i ...

All one has to do is look at ANY Water Cooler discussion, and in more instances than not, AnsuGisalas posted the last message in the majority of threads and their spin-offs. Last Word Ansu almost ALWAYS takes the last word. He posts to excess. He's everywhere.

< insert the because I could smiley face here >

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by santeewelding In reply to Spam versus meaningless a ...
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Whereas you, Sir, have no class at all.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Spam versus meaningless a ...

Still not talking to me, are you?
Or, rather, you only respond to me when I am helping your case, never in honest criticism. Instead, like some home-grown Cato, you end your posts with "Praeterae censeo Ansu Gisalas delendam esse".

Apparently you do need the help of your little sniping cronies - funny how you post less when you don't have one.
I am honestly sorry for overestimating you on that count, I promise I will not repeat that mistake.

Ok - on to your message: So, I talk too much. I actually post less nowawadays than when I joined, and back then there were always three to five other members posting more than I did. I have just failed to cut back as much as others. I can stop, of course, if I believe that people are generally offended or annoyed by my activity - other than a handful of asses with wee wiener complexes, that is.
All I do is try to have some fun and share some ideas, and if you think that's so offensive - well, then you can kiss my furry ***.
Pucker up, or shut up.
If I were truly evil I would ask, "Howcome you feel so threatened by my activity, that you feel a need to speak out against it?"

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I know what it is

by santeewelding In reply to Spam versus meaningless a ...

You hear a voice of God. It issues from that "everywhere"; even, from under your bed. No wonder you are rattled.

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Maxwell's problem is, that as self-proclaimed Libertarian...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I know what it is

He finds that he must do battle with the liberties of others in order to... well, he doesn't seem to have a reason. That's why it's called hypocrisy.

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