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Damn Netscape!

By kevinalexander ·
I have a laptop with Netscape Communciator installed (tried both versions 4.70 and 4.76).

Each time I try to syncronize the with the server (Mirapoint - a UNIX, LDAP server), Netscape crashes with a .dll message for MSVCRT.DLL

I have tried a different version of the above DLL, but to no avail.

We have over 1,000 other users with the same setup and no problems.

Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks in advance.

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Sounds like.

by mikeconn In reply to I agree

A very smart company!!!

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Try Evolution

by campbellr In reply to I agree

Try out evolution, right now it is a really good replacement for outlook and they are improving it constantly. BTW ITS FREE!!! (Runs IN LINUX)

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by cybrtron In reply to Damn Netscape!

You may have a corrupt DLL, quit a few different applications use that particular DLL and some load their own version overwritting the one provided by Microsoft. This addy. will take you to the Microsoft vers of MSCVRT.DLL

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by antan911 In reply to Damn Netscape!

Why don't you try the new version 6.

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by kevinalexander In reply to

Because it's pants (as we say here in Britain). The main problem is no LDAP support ... I mean, what were Netscape thinking?!?

No LDAP means it's of no use to us at all, I'm afraid. Looks like in time we will have to use Outlook.

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you're joking right?

by T. E. Walker In reply to

Why would ANYONE with a working brain cell extant ever use Netscape 6?????

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by twhaight In reply to

I was on a project that used Netscape mail (version 4.6) and we had constant problems, especially the one with the MSVRT.dll being corrupt. We eventually went to Outlook, and switched to Internet Explorer as our standard browser.

I was a diehard Netscape user until version 4.5 or so. After numerous crashes at work and at home, I switched to Internet Explorer. At home my wife likes Netscape 6, but it has problems, and some sites the java apps aren't compatible with Netscape 6

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Netscape version

by mikeconn In reply to Damn Netscape!

Use Communicator version 4.72 only...if you
still get the same error, give me the details and we will fix it...

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by Scott B In reply to Netscape version

As a lowly help desker, I fix MSVCRT.DLL every darn day. Lots 'o programs use that file. Go to
if you have Win 95 or 98, search by keywords. Type in "Libraries Update" without quotes, now search. Save file to your desktop, reboot into DOS mode, rename the MSVCRT.DLL to MSVCRT.OLD, now reboot into safe mode. Now install the file, which is actually called SPEU.EXE by double-clicking on it. If you have a problem with booting into windows, you can rename the .dll back, but there shouldn't be a problem. The .dll is in the \Windows\System directory. Reboot normally.

If you have ME, you may want to consider rolling basck to a restore point before the problem. Don't rename the .dll in ME oryou probably will "break" ME, which ain't good.

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by Shanghai Sam In reply to MSVCRT.DLL

Many thanks Scott, that worked great! Excellent instructions too.

Lowly desk fixer??? Not for long ...

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