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Now I have a valid 'why', I need a new question.

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But as I'm not in America

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Where is the military?

We are not terrified by Commies we just ignore them and wait for them to go away.

Problem here is instead of Radical Unions we have Radical Employers who are some what more difficult to live with.


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Seems they are getting told to get back to work and shutup

by Michael Jay In reply to But as I'm not in America
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Yep that's the case

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Seems they are getting to ...

But somehow I very much Doubt that Alan Joyce the Irish Git will Shut Up.

He has been telling lies for a very long time refusing to enter negations in any meaningful way and outright been responsible for Illegal Actions.

When QANTAS was forced to Fair Work AU they insisted that they needed a Termination of all Industrial Action but even if they got what they wanted it didn't necessarily have to apply to them the Company.

I did particularly like QANTAS arguing in the Court that they should be protected from their own stupidity. Apparently management can do as they please and demand that they are protected from their own actions where the Unions have to be held responsible for what they do.

OH did I mention that the CEO here is Irish? Sort of fits the bill perfectly. :^0 :^0

The Chairman of the Board of QANTAS was also involved in a year long action with a Mining Company where they locked their workers out for at first 3 months and then 6 months when they couldn't get their own way. Now that particular company has one of their Management Team in Jail in China for Treason for doing as the company told him to do and work against the best interests of China. Pity that China didn't apply to have the Board Extricated there to face trial for the same thing as well as their Legal Advisor's who have a reputation of being more than slightly extreme when they do not get their own way.

Personally after the last few days I think that the Airline should be Nationalized and the Board thrown in Jail. Of course with the Board bent on the destruction of the airline the shareholders should get nothing for the what would be worthless paper that is supposed to be QANTAS Shares. After all 97% of Shareholders Loved what the Board was doing according to the Minutes of the AGM held on last Friday.

But I just love the Lies told by Joyce he accepted a 8% pay rise for the White Collar Workers which you should read a QANTAS Middle Management and has constantly claimed that a 2% pay rise for Aircraft Engineers is Unsustainable. After all they are only responsible for keeping the aircraft in the air and are the ones held responsible if something nasty was to happen to a aircraft. Where as Middle Management makes ridiculous decisions with no responsibility for their actions. Like recently demanding that a Aircraft struck by lighting on approach to Brisbane Airport be returned to service with more than 50% of it's tail plain missing. Apparently as the aircraft suffered no Electronic Damage it was fit to fly. :^0

Seems that the Irish CEO wants to turn QANTAS into a Tiger Airlines which was recently taken out of the air by the Safety Regulators for 6 weeks here for breaching Safety Regulations. Little unimportant things like flying lower than buildings when approaching Melbourne Airport. You know nothing important. :^0

But as Joyce came from Virgin and then was employed to start Jetstar he has openly stated that he wants to replace QANTAS with a Low Cost Airline Based in Asia. He got free aircraft from QANTAS which Jetstar pays less than the repayments to use and the loss is placed on the QANTAS Books as further proof that QANTAS is loosing money and they need to "Reorganize" to save Wage costs so that those savings can be passed onto Management Bonuses.

Personally I would like to see the entire Board stuffed into a 10 foot row boat and told to row Joyce back to Ireland while the Corks in the holes that they have shot in the bottom of the row boat are replaced with soluble plugs. That way we could reduce Carbon Pollution by not needing to waste Aircraft Fuel flying him out of the country, though the Pollution of the oceans may be worse than the waste of aircraft fuel but at least we would be rid of the lot of them. :^0 :^0


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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Seems they are getting to ...
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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Seems they are getting to ...

it's clear that someone is trying to become the next Rupie Murderk...

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With half the tail plane missing?

by seanferd In reply to Seems they are getting to ...

Wait - I need to provide extreme punctuation for that.
I feel better now.

I suppose that giving away aircraft for free would, indeed, prove that you are losing money. That's downright tautological.

edit: Oh, and "refusing to enter negations". Dude. That was just too funny.

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Jet Blue had that special over the weekend.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Quick Rush in today

Snowstorm let them charge passengers to sit on the runway for 6 hours.

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Now the Hard Sell begins

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Jet Blue had that special ...

Well actually it's well underway been going on for the entire week with the QANTAS CEO appearing on everything possible. Been the proper little "Media _Whore" all week though Personally I think he's way too expensive to be wasting his time doing such mundane things instead of running or ruining the company.

Personally I'm more than a bit Sick & Tired of his accent. I've been hearing him say that the Tree Unions where going to destroy the company when he means 3 Unions. Some smart person suggested a Tree Surgeon be called in to fix his issue which I did get a laugh out of though.

What got to me was the fact that they insisted that they couldn't tell their staff what was happening because they might damage the aircraft. These are staff not involved in any action at all except doing their jobs. Now to me if they can not be trusted to look after the aircraft when on the ground why are they allowed to fly them. They could do so much more damage to them in the air. When Management doesn't trust the staff it's a Toxic Environment which is doomed.


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Death a verb

by santeewelding In reply to Dang.

Whereupon I would set out as though it were, following through with silly notions this and that, leading to questions for which there can be no good answer, knowing all along there can be no good answer, having set out as though death a verb, which it is not.

If you see through me, this is what I have been doing near all my time here, all along.

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To go boldly

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Death a verb

where angels fear to death

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