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Now I have a valid 'why', I need a new question.

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Tell me more

by santeewelding In reply to To go boldly

Of this border to death, "to" which one may "go". Could be I have it all wrong.

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When you get there

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Tell me more

you'll find yourself on a branch.
The view is breathtaking.
If you manage to have your breath not taken,
you can make your way back.
a shaman.

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Interesting you say that

by JamesRL In reply to When you get there

I was hiking yesterday near a waterfall. Over the years the amount of fencing near this waterfall has increased because people take risks to get nice shots. I've thought myself about getting around the fencing to get a shot, though I resent those who do because of the increase it causes.

That plus the woman who was recently swept over Niagara Falls because she posed for a shot by standing on a stone fence that was slippery. And a similar incident in a US Park where one person climbed over a railing to pose for a picture, fell in, another went in to rescue and died as well.

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