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I have a laptop computer which all the sudden went black screen. I turned on again and again several times and when it started blinks quick to normal screen for a second and be able to see the start up screen then goes black all trough the process and I turned off because can't see anything but the sounds on of the computer only.
later I concluded that if I plugged in a monitor would be able to see My Windows XP Desktop, of course it happened.

My question is What shoud I do to get back my normal screen?

This is a Presario 2200 with Intel inside Celeron M or Compaq Presario 2227US Intel Celeron M Processor 350 (1.3GHz, 1mb L2 cache 400MHz FSB)
15.0" XGA TFT display with Intel Extreme Graphics 2 54g 802.11b/g WLAN.
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version 2002 Service Pack 2
480 MB of RAM

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reseat the video card and

by w2ktechman In reply to DARK SCREEN

check that the wires are not damaged.

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How the **** can he/she do that?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to reseat the video card and

If the machine spec is 480MB it should be clear to you that the system has 32MB of shared graphic memory.

It is highly unlikely there is a graphics card.

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by w2ktechman In reply to How the hell can he/she d ...

there is a graphics card whether or not there is shared memory. here are a few items that are screwed onto the MB (at least all that I have worked on). I do not recall the names of them all, bu the graphics card is often screwed on as well.
On the boom of the monitor is a regulator, this is much more likely to go out that tne backlight for the monitor, and it would still work fine with an external monitor plugged in.
This part is not expensive, but the bezel would need to be removed to get to it.
This is where some of the wires plug into under the bezel. Usually it is located near the center section.

Aside from that, there are wires that will connect to the video card on the MB. You should be able to see if it is truly on-board video, or a seperate adapter. Often they are bolt on because the MB will stay the same through several different models, but often the video adapter is 'upgraded' for these models.
Check that the wires are not damaged or burnt (or unplugged). They should have a good sturdy connection.

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Could be a couple of things

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to DARK SCREEN

It may very well be a problem with the screen's inverter.
the inverter is typically located at the base of the screen.
You'll want to check to make sure it is not just a loose connection.
It is also possible that it is a backlight problem, but I would suspect the inverter first.

Your best bet is to take it to a computer repair specialist to have it tested. But if you want to do more investigation on your own, here is where you can download a service manual:

If you do end up needing a new inverter, here's one source for replacement parts:
and another:
...or just Google for 'Presario 2200 inverter.'

Good Luck.
I hope this helps.

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You say

by Michael Jay In reply to DARK SCREEN

that your laptop works fine with an external monitor? If that is so it would appear that the monitor backlight has failed, this will require replacing the monitor.

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Possibly not inverter

by TechieRob In reply to You say

I used to work at a HP repair center and this would be a fairly common case for the presario notebooks. Typically the inverter would be the first thing we would suspect too - but there is usally something much simpler (and much cheaper to replace) that is responsible.
Laptops have a built in sensor switch that causes the monitor to switch off when the lid is closed. If this switch is faulty or damaged the screen will behave exactly how you described, briefly turning on then going dark.
The external monitor working suggests that there is not a problem with your graphics card.
I would suggest taking the laptop to a HP repair shop, any HP repairman worth his salt would have seen this problem before and given that they have the part in stock, it only takes about 45 minutes to replace

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Very good point TechieRob

by Michael Jay In reply to Possibly not inverter

I have seen that myself but usually it is the backlight that has died and it is a part of the monitor. We can hope that it is just the inverter or the switch but I have only seen those fixes a very few times.

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by unhappyuser In reply to Very good point TechieRob

I would agree with the backlight. We've had several Gateway laptops that have had this issue. My question is: is it just Gateways that seem to have this issue or do other vendors also?


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It is a common failure

by Michael Jay In reply to Backlight

The backlight is a Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp which is very bright and very fragile. Usually they will outlive the laptop but they are just a lamp and can burn out without warning but due to the very thin glass that makes up the bulb it is more common to see them broken.

A little more info here and a photo:

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Keyboard combo

by Cactus Pete In reply to DARK SCREEN

Many laptops have a keyboard combination that you can press to cycle between primary displays.

I think on your model it might be Fn+F5.

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