DCHP client with reserved IP grabbing non-reserved IP

By glenn22 ·
I have a problem with wireless devices that have specific IPs reserves for their MAC addresses wanting to grab IP in the dynamic pool instead of their reserved IPs. Why would this be occurring?

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by CG IT In reply to DCHP client with reserved ...

reservations in DHCP are typically for static addresses. So if you have the laptop with auto discovery on and DHCP available, DHCP will provide an address from the available pool.

Create a wireless profile for connection using static addressing and the specific IP reserved for that wireless device.

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How is this accomplished?

by glenn22 In reply to because....

Why does it ignore the reservation associated with it's MAC address though? it seems to work fine when the pool is closed, but as soon an unreserved IPs are made available on the DHCP server, the wireless devices instantly drop their connection and grab one of the new IPs in the pool.

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by CG IT In reply to How is this accomplished?

auto discover settings on a network card sends out a DHCP discovery request to obtain an IP address. If there is a DHCP server, it will acknowledge the discovery request and begin the DHCP offer/ /ack/receipt/assign.

Computers can not communicate on a network without an address. Unless you assign and address to the network card [static], it will send out a DHCP discover request looking for an address. If none are found and the computer is W2K or later, it will assign itself an address [APIPA].

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network preference

by glenn22 In reply to because.........

I have 2 DCHP pools. 1 for the 172.20.72 network and one for the 172.20.80 network.

When I open up the pool in the 172.20.72 network the computers simply grab their reserved IPs and ignored the open pool, BUT when I open the pool in the 172.20.80 network the computer IMMEDIATELY want to grab one of those IPs instead of anything on the 172.20.72 network..... this is what I'm trying to convey, it doesn't make sense. Is there something that is set which makes the 172.20.80 network take priority over the 172.20.72 network??

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