Deactivating Account

By stangs024 ·
How do I deactivate my account? I'm tired of the emails, but moreover I don't even use this site.

Help please?

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RE: Deactivating Account

by Jacky Howe In reply to Deactivating Account

Scroll to the bottom of the Page and left click on Site Help & Feedback. Go to page 2.

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Or you could get really clever and

by OH Smeg In reply to Deactivating Account

Unsubscribe from any Notifications E-Mails that you have Subscribed to. That way you wouldn't be getting any E-Mails at all from TR.

What E-Mails do you think that you are getting from TR. You will only be getting the ones that you have subscribed to get so from that Prospective TR is doing exactly what you originally asked them to do. No One can complain that they are being sent what they asked to receive. Surely


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Or the website could be more customer friendly

by dgbutland In reply to Or you could get really c ...

I have no idea why I originally registered on this site but it obviously didn't solve the problem I was trying to solve.

I am now being inundated with emails, despite not SPECIFICALLY opting IN to any. This is a very unhelpful website when trying to cancel the registration and I suspect this is deliberate. Why would you allow customers to automatically create a registration but require them to manually contact customer services to de-register?

I personally do not recommend sites like this. I'm not interested in your emails and your marketing.

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If you're an IT Consultant you're also a cr@p IT Consultant ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Or the website could be m ...

If you've got to come on here and bleat about not being able to stop a few newsletters and email alerts from plopping into your sad IT Consultancy email account.

Ever heard of SPAM ?

Mark the offending articles as spam, then you'll still receive them but never actually see 'em.

Judging from your inate level of complaining about something you claim to be an expert on, you are the type of IT Consultant that I would personally never recommend to anyone.

Get down off the cross - someone else needs the wood!


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by ---TK--- In reply to If you're an IT Consultan ...

goodness... o thats good stuff... I gotta remember that line....

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Someone else needs the wood

by shhite In reply to If you're an IT Consultan ...

I love it. I'm crying over here. :^0

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by shhite In reply to Or the website could be m ...

You dont't have to contact customer service to "de-register" as you put it. Click on the my newsletters link at the top of the web page(right side) and at the bottom of that new page check the box that says to unregister from all techrepublic newsletters. When you register it allows you to pick the news letter you want so somewhere along the line you had the option to not get them at all.

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