Dead Computer

By Steffi28 ·
Hey guys

I have a huge problem! Hubby was on his pc yesterday and it froze up, so he restarted it and the monitor started coming up no signal, theres no light on the mouse and on the keyboard checked cables all of them were ok. So he turned pc off we turned it on earlier today we thought the pc wasnt coming on at all but then noticed the pc was turned on but no lights on the front came on as well as monitor, mouse and keyboard I know its on because we can here the fan whirring and the cd drive still opens, any opens. Any ideas? I'm tearing my hair out took 3 days off work to get uni work done and can't do much with no pc

Just in case it matters PC is about 3 years old and runs Windows XP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks Steffi

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Dead Computer

can you hear the hard drive spin up? Also, if you open the box, is the light on the motherboard lit (should be green I think)? Once you open the box, if the mobo light is on, check all the connections to be sure they are tight. Do you get any screen messages at all? As in do you think that you can get into the BIOS? And last but not least, without insinuating anything, is the monitor powered on or has perhaps that plug been knocked loose?

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by Steffi28 In reply to Steffi...

It's definitely plugged in first thing I checked :)

Hard drive is really quiet but I think I can hear it startin up just going to check & check the motherboard light and ill get back to you, I was thinking it seems like no power is leaving the pc to power up mouse and keyboard could that be the CPU??

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So, lights no go, but

by Dumphrey In reply to Dead Computer

fans turn and cd rom door opens and closes. Any beeps as it boots up?
Is the graphics card built in to the motherboard or an add in card?
Can you take the side of the case off and see if the cpu fan is still turning?
This could be one of several things... power supply (lost low voltage rail), cpu (just fried), or mother board.

What I would do:
Power off, unplug and remove all cards, add ins, usb devices. Try to power up.
power down and remove ram till you have 1 stick. Rotate through untill you have tried them all.

What you are looking for is: 1)Will it beep on boot?
Does it work right minus a componant?
Are all fans turning (cpu, case, power supply).
Have any of the capacitors on the mobo ruptured (tops swollen and distended, or weird coloring/liquid. Should look like little flat toped cans.)
Any weird smells (burnt plastic/hair).
have you tried different mice/keyboard? Are they USB based or ps2 (round plugs on end). If USB, do you have PS2 available to try (turn off usb in bios).

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No beeps

by Steffi28 In reply to So, lights no go, but

Its not beeping on boot up just in the middle of taking the top off it now to try it out make sure everything is secure inside, is it easy to know if something has died inside it? I'm a lot more knowledgeable on the outside of a pc than inside

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If you take out

by Dumphrey In reply to No beeps

all the bits, it should beep (error codes) on boot. Especially the ram. If it does not beep minus ram, either the cpu or motherboard are dead =\

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Bad RAM can cause it not to beep as well

by The Scummy One In reply to If you take out

I have run into this before.

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Some suggestions

by PlipO In reply to Dead Computer

Have you moved the PC recently?
The monitor's signal cable might have come lose or the pins on the cable might be bent.
Has the monitor cable been disconnected recently ?
If you have two graphics card in your PC; the cable might be plugged into the one which is not set as default.

This is unlikely but possible, if you do have two graphics cards in your computer; the default settings might have changed in the bios and now the secondary graphics is set as default.
Has someone or something tugged on the signal cable ?
Again, cable or graphics card might have come lose.
Do you hear any strange beeps from the PC ?
Do you have the opportunity to test the PC with a different monitor, this will identify if it's the computer or monitor at fault.
Do you have access to a laptop, you can test the monitor on a laptop.

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by Steffi28 In reply to Some suggestions

Never thought to try monitor on laptop will at least let me know if theres a problem there, all cables are ok and theres only one graphics card, theres no strange beeps in fact theres no beeps at all! I hope its doesnt turn out to be an expensive problem

Edited to add just checked monitor on my laptop and thats working fine so its not a monitor problem

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If not even posting

by jdclyde In reply to Dead Computer

sounds like it HAS to be CPU or MB.

I don't suppose you know anyone with an identical system that you could swap out the CPU with?

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On Way

by Steffi28 In reply to If not even posting

To MIL now to check out the pc hubby gave to his sister, see what that one is like. Thanks JD :)

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