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Dealing with continuing worm attacks

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What do you think about Jonathan Yarden's proposal that Microsoft should distribute Windows service packs on free CD-ROMs? How do you feel about Microsoft's idea to make software updates automatic? Share your comments about dealing with continuing worm attacks, as discussed in the Sept. 8 Internet Security Focus e-newsletter.

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Don't mind paying for maintence

by khlynn In reply to So many questions, so lit ...

The analogy for car maintence & repair is somewhat flawed. Sure I expect to pay for such things. It is part of the expense of owning a vehicle. However, if a hose, or any other part, is defective I certainly would not expect to have to pay for a replacement.

Same with software. I do not mind paying for periodic upgrades, but I would strenously object to paying for security patches & fixes caused by defective programming. MS software seems to always be defective out of the box. Why should I have to pay for their mistakes?

There is an excellent article on Technology Review about why software is so bad. It isn't just MS. Software engineering seems to have regressed rather than progressed.


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ergo the warranty.

by dnvrtechgrrl In reply to Don't mind paying for mai ...

That is why I brought up the question of not having the "warranty and guarantee" for the software. Every aspect of the computer is covered except the software that runs the thing.

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Article content does not match title at all

by GoboSlayer In reply to Dealing with continuing w ...

I don't mind receiving an article such as this, but when I receive a newsletter titled "See why August was a record-setting month" only to find out it is 4 paragraphs about August's viruses/worms and the rest Yarden's opinion of Microsoft. That's a little disappointing. Had I known this was just going to be an MS bash fest, I wouldn't have even bothered reading, I can get that type of information from many other sites. This article was of little technical value at all.

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Hurray for Jonathan

by pinecone In reply to Dealing with continuing w ...

I totally agree with Mr. Yarden's proposal and think automatic updates are a horrible idea. I don't trust Bill Gates enough to allow updates that I haven't investigated.

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Right thought in the right direction

by ARAHIGIHS In reply to Dealing with continuing w ...

I agree whole-heartedly with Jonathan's proposal. However, I must also agree with Brian Leach. Microsoft does need to research better and stronger security measures when it comes to their software, in the meantime, why not distribute the updates on CD-ROM? Get the temporary fix out there now and be working on the more permanent fix at the same time.

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MS Updates on CD

by fdoughty In reply to Dealing with continuing w ...

I think that Microsoft making available FREE updates on CD is a good idea. But, they will never do it due to the cost of distribution each time a new update is required. How do you/they control which CD is the newest version? If that could be worked out, and the CD was not an auto-run, it's certainly a good start. It would be much easier and cheaper if MS would just make bug free software. We all know that the CD's would not be FREE, MS would just build the cost of these free updates into the cost of their other
products. Either way...we, the users, pay for it.

As for the automatic updates...NO! No one should do anything automatically and unknown to my computer. It's not that difficult to go to MS update site and pick the updates you want/need. How many times has a MS update ended up screwing something up and had to be removed. Some of them can't be removed. Give that choice to the user, not to MS.

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The $ is King; A Modular Windows

by azdesertdude2000 In reply to Dealing with continuing w ...

MS isn't going to spend anything at all unless it in turn generates more revenue. If they make Windows updates a requirement, there will be a charge for subscribing to the Update Program. No way will they generate free CD's or anything else for free.

Perhaps making Windows more modular to install and maintain. We already have the ability to install/uninstall some modules why not make that more robust?

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by jaclampe In reply to The $ is King; A Modular ...

Microsoft is in the business to make $$. So am I. No objection to reasonable profit. A modular Windows would be a good solution, if is stable, small and fast. Much of the stuff in Windows I never use!

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better idea

by user@# In reply to Dealing with continuing w ...

CD's are certainly a better idea than what I've put up with over the last 3 weeks-- multi-hour downloads followed by updates that end up destroying my email connectivity. And I still don't know what may have done the damage or whether I'm better off without the updates.

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Service Packs on CD-ROM

by jaclampe In reply to Dealing with continuing w ...

Service Packs and other patches on CD-ROM is a very good idea! I would even pay for a continuing service sending me CD-ROM regularly.
I have installed a brand new copy of XP and spent a day, downloading, installing and restarting the PC. I would like to buy a new XP complete with all the patches and SP's.

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