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Dealing with continuing worm attacks

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What do you think about Jonathan Yarden's proposal that Microsoft should distribute Windows service packs on free CD-ROMs? How do you feel about Microsoft's idea to make software updates automatic? Share your comments about dealing with continuing worm attacks, as discussed in the Sept. 8 Internet Security Focus e-newsletter.

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Of course your right about God Gates but

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to And so what percentage to ...

As he until recently was the person in charge of MS and it's questionable business pratices he gets to carry much of the blame what most people don't realise is that he is now in charge of product development and no longer in charge of MS.

But even his foundation who donaits so much money per year is only for taxation reasons as if he didn't knock off some money he would have a worse reputation than he currently has after all how much money did he soend on his driveway for the house that he recently built? Now I can understand all the expence on the "Smart House Concept" that he built but honestly 6 Million for a driveway is just a little too much in anyones book. I found that obsene but the rest of the house made perfect sence as a development project and was quite reasonable.

You are of course right about the risks involved and people should be educated I still walk into small business and don't see any form of AV software let alone a firewall and the e-mails that I send out telling everyone of my customers that a new patch is available and I've tested it so it's alright to install largly go unnoticed and certianly unacted upon so I reguraly have to send out my staff to all my customers just to install all the patches which isn't what I consider our job to be but it's far less of a problem than letting a computer network become infected and down as this costs us far more in time and effort and these are always at the worst possible times.

As far as the Blaster worm being written after there was a notice released by MS I wouldn't be at all susprised if the person/s in question suscribe to MS's Security Alerts so they are constantly kept up to date with whats wrong with Windows and all MS Products but I for one don't want to see the end of this service from MS as it is still the best way that I know of in getting accurate information on potential problems sure some are going to misuse it but the majority will still get it for the very reason that it was first put up there so we know what is coming and what to expect and how to fix the problems.

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Considering Past Performance, Why bother?

by BpBlacky In reply to Dealing with continuing w ...

Considering the past performances since Windows 95
why bother? Using patches to cover the holes is
not unlike a surgeon using band-aids in an operating room!

Why doesn't Microsoft concentrate on a new system
completely? Redesign it from the ground up, starting with a basic design that any beginner can
learn easily and quickly. Test it thoroughly by
using ex-hackers to do their thing, run every known virus, worm, and you name it, against this system for any holes or flaws, then use top security people to check on security. When they have a much as possible flawless system, then start designing upgrades that can be applied like patches. Each upgrade goes through the same tests as the base did.
Then the new system to be exchanged for the Windows program, grade level of the new system exchanged for grade level of Windows, with a nominal fee.
After all Microsoft has a monoply on all existing
Microsoft products. So it's not likely anyone will dump all their software.
I use Microsoft as a generic term, ALL software
design companies should start thinking in this direction with security in all applications as a starting point. Thinking uppermost all the while,
How Can I Keep A Terrorist Out Of My Program, And
Everyone Elses' Program?
Because that day will come and all the worms and viruses will be like a Sunday Stroll through the park!

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hear hear

by robwaybro In reply to Considering Past Performa ...

This idea is very good. Slow down fielding of products just to meet some kind of a 'get a new one out every two years' schedule.

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CD-ROM way to go

by stephencurtin In reply to Dealing with continuing w ...

I agree, due to the countless security flaws exposed in Windows OS's CD-ROM's are a brillant idea, especially for those stuggling on dial-up Internet access. I also find the Microsoft update site far from successful crashing a number of older PC's I support.
In regard to automatic updates via the internet, who wants your server or PC dialling out to Microsoft without your knowledge, could this led to more flaws being exposed, such as in their IRC code. After all whos fault was the MBlaster originally. The writer of the worm or the original Microsoft programmers that missed it.

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Service Packs

by Elama In reply to Dealing with continuing w ...

As far as I know, the service packs are free if you have a license for the product. At least I've never had to pay for my updates and service packs.

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A better course of action.

by klaro In reply to Dealing with continuing w ...

Hmm i think as long as we accept that we receives patches and service packs, Microsoft would never learn to deliver their software defect free.
I do belive a better course of action would be to press MS to be better in creating code for the software they sell.


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by Don_C In reply to Dealing with continuing w ...

I used to let M$ update my computer at home until I found a update that didnt protain to my system. They have a bad habbit of loading junk that you dont need so thats why I turned off my automatic junk loader if its not broke why fix it. Dont get me wrong I am a firm beleiver in preventive maintence.

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